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13 August, Photo gallery
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Shaking hands before the game

Hana Cutura (CRO) against the Brazilian double block

Head coach Moura Luizomar (BRA) along with his team

Croatian head coach Nino Matjacic giving remarks to his players

Struggle on the net: Adenizia Silva (BRA) against Ivana Milos (CRO)

Dijana Rescic and Ivana Milos (both CRO) trying to block Fernanda Rodrigues (BRA)

Double block of the Brazilians

Thaisa Menezes and Ana Tiemi Takagui (both BRA) in a double block action

Head coach of CHN, Nan Lin, along with her team

Russian players gathered around their head coach, Nadejda Chelikhova

Yanan Yang (CHN) stopped by Russian double block

Yanan Yang and Qiuyue Wei (both CHN) in a double block action

Nna Ovinnikova, Tatiana Soldatova and Anna Beskova involved in a triple blocking

Yanan Yang (CHN) trying to break through the Russian block

Ekaterina Ositchkina and Anna Ovinnikova (both RUS) trying to stop the Chinese attack

Malika Kunthong (THA) spiking against the double block of YUG

Onuma Sittirak (THA) stopped by double block of YUG

Khwanjira Yuttagai and Kamonporn Sukmak (both THA) trying to stop Aleksandra Crncevic (YUG)

A struggle on the net: Jovana Brakocevic (YUG) against Malika Kunthong (THA)

Sanja Hanusic (YUG) spiking in front of Onuma Sittarak (THA)

Ana Jaksic and Ana Antonijevic (both YUG) blocking against Onuma Sittarak (THA)

The American players listening to their head coach, Shelton Collier

Ball touching the court on the Venezuelan side

The Venezuelan players during a time-ot

Nocole Fawcett's right wing attack

The Americans celebrating

The white and red fans of Poland

A ball flying over the net

Bogumila Baranska after a spike

Polish libero, Paulina Maj, insuring a ball

Malgorzata Cielsa's (POL) left wing spike

Stands full of Polish fans

The Poles celebrating their advance to the quaterfinals

A ball falling on the Italian side

The Czech line up

Struggle on the net: Pavla Duspivova (CZE) against Lucia Crisanti (ITA)

The Italian team during a time-ot

The Czechs celebrating a successsful action

Head coach of CZE, Vladimir Pech, making remarks to his players