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Competition Formula 2001
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Specific Rules
Points awarded per match to each team
match won:
match lost:
match forfeited:
2 points
1 point
0 point
In the case of a tie
(Rankings of Preliminary and Final)
Set quotient: in the case of equality in the number of points gained by two or several teams, the teams will be classified by the quotient resulting from: number of total sets won / number of total sets lost.

Points quotient: if a tie persists as per the set quotient, the teams will be classified by the quotient resulting from: total points scored / total points lost (during all sets).
Time-out system
In sets 1-4: All time-outs are for 60 seconds.
- Each team may request up to 2 time-outs per set.
- 2 additional "technical time-outs" are applied automatically when the leading team reaches the 8th and 16th points.

In the deciding (5th) set: All time-outs are for 30 seconds
- There are no "technical time-outs".
- 2 regular time-outs of 30 seconds duration may be requested by each team.
Intervals between sets
All intervals between sets last three minutes.
The interval between the second and the third sets can be extended up to 10 minutes by the FIVB supervisor at the request of the organisers and the TV.
Service (rule 11.2 Ball touching the net)
While crossing the net during the service, the ball may touch it. This rule was tested at the 1999 World Cup in Japan and will be tested again during the 2000 World League.