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USA jump serving made it difficult for Japan, says Japan coach

USA captain Jennifer Tamas and playmaker Lindsey Berg

Macau, China, August 24, 2011 - Japan v USA press conference

USA captain Jennifer Tamas: “This is a very well played match by both teams. We knew that playing against a team with such fast offense that it was important to serve aggressively and I think that we did a good job on that today. We are happy with the start and we are happy with this one.” 

USA coach Hugh McCutcheon: “I like the way USA team played today, I thought we came out and played with good energy. In terms of the service line, we were strong so that was good. Japan is always a challenging opponent because of the speed in which they play and the way they battle which is the case today so they are a good team and we are very happy to win over such a very strong opponent.” 

Japan captain Erika Araki: “We lost in straight sets so we will still keep going in the final round. We still have more matches and we will do our best.” 

Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe: “We played with last year’s champion and we lost a lot of points in their jump serving, so that was very difficult for us.”


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