Friday, 7 May 2021
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Brazil played exceptionally and deserved win says Cuba coach

The coaches and captains at the press conference on Friday

Cuba captain Yusidey Silie Frometa: "Congratulations to Brazil on their win. They played very well against us. However, I hope we will have more chances of playing them again in the future."
Brazil captain Fabiana Claudino: "It was a good game. We played well in our opening match here. I’m happy with our performance."

Brazil player Sheilla Castro: "We trained quite hard on court on Thursday, focusing on energy and tactics. It’s great to win the first match here. We played well."

Cuba coach Juan Gala Rodriguez: "Congratulations on Brazil’s win. They played exceptionally well against us. Brazil are one of the world’s best teams with talented, skilful players. We admit the loss to Brazil. As for the next match against Thailand, I think the host team play well with good defence. It must be a close match on Saturday, but we will try our best."

Brazil coach Jose Roberto Lages Guimaraes: "We played a good match against Cuba. We served hard with good blocking. Our attacks are also good up to our level. We made a good start here. However, it’s hard to say we will be sure of topping Pool K because we still have two more matches against Argentina and Thailand. Last week, we played a tough match against Thailand. Their defence is very good. I don’t think we can underestimate the remaining two teams. We still have more mistakes to improve."



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