Monday, 14 June 2021
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Kazakhstan coach: We hope you enjoyed the show

China coach Yu Juemin (right) with captain Wei Qiuyue at the press conference
Kazakhstan coach Baitureyev Bakhytzhan, “We played the game with China in the first round of the World Grand Prix and had a very exciting second set as well but lost. This time we won the second set quite remarkably.

To me volleyball is not only about scoring, winning or medals. It is also a show. We would be very glad if you like the show and found it exciting.

Once again, I congratulate China for their victory today.

Kazakhstan captain Korinna Ishimtseva, “Unfortunately we only managed to get the second set and did not put through to the end. I would like to especially mention our three young players #12, #14 and #15 for their spectacular performances. It was a very good game after all.”

“China team shows great progress and we witness this in today’s game. We will meet again in the Asian Championships. We will look at the mistakes we made this time and learn from them. We will then be better prepared.”

China coach Yu Juemin, “Kazakhstan had good performance today, especially in attacking. We could not cope with the change of players of #7 and #11 of Kazakhstan team in the second set, which posed great challenge to the Chinese team, upsetting our momentum in the second set. This exposed our weaknesses and we need to work especially hard in receiving and defensing.”

Our right-side hitter Yang Jie did not score as much as primary hitters like Wang Yimei. This is because she is relatively green and has been in the team for four months only. Her role is to assist Wang Yimei to attack. We believe that with more training and real game experience, her skills and capability will then be improved.”

As the Asian Championships is approaching, we do not have much time to change to new player, as Yang Jie was trained to assist Wang Yimei and is comparatively more stable in both receiving and attacking.”

China captain Wei Qiuyue, “We value each game we play and Kazakhstan improved a lot in the past two years. Although our team is well-prepared today, our performance fluctuates especially in adverse condition. We try our best to win every game and we hope to gain victory in the Asian Championships.”

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