Thursday, 5 August 2021
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Brazil is the world's best: Korea coach

Korea Head Coach KIM, Hyung-Sil (left) and Brazil Head Coach Jose Roberto Laages Guimaraes
 Korea coach Kim Hyung-Sil: Playing against Brazil today, we feel Brazil is the world's best team again. I wasn’t satisfied with our play because we didn't show our own playing style. As in other matches, we had many unforced errors on receiving serves. But after I put Yoon Hye-Suk in, it strengthened our team's receiving. I think we have to change our formations in receiving serves.

Korea captain Lee Sook-Ja: I think today's match with Brazil was hard for us. But every one of our players did well in every set. We had some unforced errors and now we have some difficult away matches. But based on our experiences in our home matches, we will make greater efforts to show better play and better organizational power in Poland and Japan.
Brazil coach Ze Roberto: I am pleased for the victory. I predicted this match would be difficult as this was a home match for Korea. Today, the Korean players showed a different style of technique, which were difficult to defend against. But our players played very well and I am satisfied with our results in Korea.
Brazil captain Fabiana Claudino: I am very pleased to win the match against Korea. We were not stable at the beginning but we regained our pace. After our blocking and service worked well, we could work things out much easier.


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