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FIVB $15 Million World League
Brazil edges Serbia and Montenegro in the tightest of finals tiebreakers
Madrid, July 13, 2003 - Brazil brought the carnival to town on Sunday when they met Serbia and Montenegro to fight for the coveted title of the FIVB $15 million World League but the result went down to the wire - and the tiebreaker - in what turned out to be a superb display of the modern game that really finished with two superb winners. Brazil took the title 3-2 (25-16, 21-25, 19-25, 25-23, 31-29 in just seven minutes shy of two hours. More Spanish German French Match Stats

Pools announced for Finals in Madrid

Lausanne, Switzerland, June, 30, 2003 – Lots have been drawn for the eight team to contest the final of the FIVB $15 million World League to commence July 8 in the Spanish capital Madrid, it was announced at FIVB headquarters on Monday evening. The teams will play in two pools in the preliminary phase of the tournament with hosts Spain playing Serbia and Montenegro, Czech Republic and Greece in Pool E, while in Pool F, Brazil, Russia, Italy and Bulgaria will battle for a spot in the final four. The FIVB World League is the premier men’s annual volleyball competition and the richest purse in the sport. German Spanish Pic: Will Russia be able to defend their 2002 World League title?









Daily Competition Calendar
Tuesday, July 8:  10:30 h. YUG–CZE; 13:00 h. BRA–BUL; 17:30 h.  RUS–ITA;   20:00 h. ESP – GRE
Wednesday, July 9:
10:30 h. BUL–ITA; 13:00 h. GRE–CZE; 17:30 h. BRA–RUS; 20:00 h. ESP – YUG
Thursday July 10:
10:30 h. BUL–RUS; 13:00 h. YUG–GRE; 17:30 h. ITA–BRA;   20:00 h. CZE – ESP

World League – from strength to strength
The $15 Million World League continues to blaze a trail as the richest and most significant annual international men’s Volleyball tournament pitting the top 16 teams in the world against each other during six gripping weeks of the Intercontinental Rounds, in 2003 culminating in the final tournament of the “Elite Eight” in the Spanish capital Madrid. Some 561,441 spectators were drawn to the 2002 World League, which also attracted a record-breaking almost 900 hours of television coverage as the tournament continues to engrave its name in the essential international sports calendar. This year, the 14th edition of this important event will be the perfect curtain raiser for the FIVB World Cups in Japan (November 2003) where the top three teams qualify directly for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Argentina out, Czech Republic in; China withdraw, Bulgaria in. Click here for Press release

FIVB Board of Administration
Argentina will not participate in World League 

Click here for Press release

Calendar for 2003 World League
Sixteen teams in four pools will play off the Intercontinental Round matches, with Pools A, B, and C commencing on the weekend of May 23-25, with Pool D starting one week earlier (May 16-18).
Following the success of the 2002 edition, which concluded for the final round in Brazil in August, and drawing on elements of promotion and entertainment also used successfully at the just concluded 2002 Men's World Championship in Argentina, the Council ruled that stadium entertainment, venue decoration and the use of animated mascots would now become a requirement for the World League.

Pool A: Russia, Poland, Spain, Venezuela
Pool B: Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Germany
Pool C: Serbia and Montenegro, Netherlands, Cuba, Bulgaria
Pool D: France, Czech Republic, Greece, Japan

Competition format
All teams in the pool play against each other, both home and away, during the Intercontinental Round. Top eight teams advance to the final round.
The team of the organizing country of the Final Round will be automatically qualified.
In case that the team of the organizing country is not among the 8 qualified teams, the lowest second ranked team of the Intercontinental Round will be eliminated and replaced by the organizer. Spain is the candidate country to host the final round.

Match schedule:
Pool A
May 23-25: Spain vs. Poland; Venezuela vs. Russia
May 30-June 1: Russia vs. Spain; Venezuela vs. Poland
June 6-June 8: Poland vs. Venezuela; Spain vs. Russia
June 13-15: Russia vs. Venezuela; Poland vs. Spain
June 20-22: Poland vs. Russia; Spain vs. Venezuela
June 26-28: Russia vs. Poland; Venezuela vs. Spain

Pool B

May 23-25: Brazil vs. Germany; Italy vs. Portugal
May 30 June 1: Italy vs. Brazil; Portugal vs. Germany
June 6-8: Portugal vs. Brazil; Germany vs. Italy
June 13-15: Portugal vs. Italy; Germany vs. Brazil
June 20-22: Brazil vs. Italy; Germany vs. Portugal
June 26-28: Brazil vs. Portugal; Italy vs. Germany

Pool C
May 23-25: Netherlands vs. Serbia and Montenegro; Bulgaria vs. Cuba
May 30- June 1: Serbia and Montenegro vs. Bulgaria: Netherlands vs. Cuba
June 6-8: Netherlands vs. Bulgaria; Cuba vs. Serbia and Montenegro
June 13-15: Serbia and Montenegro vs. Cuba; Bulgaria vs. Netherlands
June 20-22: Cuba vs. Netherlands; Bulgaria vs. Serbia and Montenegro
June 26-28: Serbia and Montenegro vs. Netherlands; Cuba vs. Bulgaria

Pool D 
May 16-18: France vs. Czech Republic; Greece vs. Japan
May 23-25: France vs. Japan; Greece vs. Czech Republic
May 30 - June 1: Czech Republic vs. France; Japan vs. Greece
June 6-8: Czech Republic vs. Japan; Greece vs. France
June 13-15: France vs. Greece; Japan vs. Czech Republic
June 20-22: Czech Republic vs. Greece; Japan vs. France

World League finals:
Tuesday July 8 - Sunday July 13 2003

Tuesday, July 8:  10:30 h. YUG–CZE; 13:00 h. BRA–BUL; 17:30 h.  RUS–ITA;   20:00 h. ESP – GRE
Wednesday, July 9:
10:30 h. BUL–ITA; 13:00 h. GRE–CZE; 17:30 h. BRA–RUS; 20:00 h. ESP – YUG
Thursday July 10:
10:30 h. BUL–RUS; 13:00 h. YUG–GRE; 17:30 h. ITA–BRA;   20:00 h. CZE – ESP

Madrid Venue - World League 2003 finals

Above: Vistalegre Stadium, inaugurated in 2000, which also hosts basketball and bullfights (Capacity 15,000)
Below: Stadium Foyer

2003 World League Finals  ticket information 

The World League Finals heat up MARCA and Madrid

The posters used to advertise the finals in Madrid