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Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Czech Republic 3-0 (25-12, 25-20, 25-18) - duration 1:07
12-Jul, start time: 13:37, end time: 14:44 - Attendance: 4,350
Brazil gives a lesson of volleyball to reach the Final
From the very beginning of the match, it remained clear that Brazil was not up to give many opportunities to Czech Republic. The squad trained by Bernardo Rezende wanted to give a sign to its rival in the Final, and the message was sent loud and clear in the first set. As if it was a training session, Brazilians gave a lesson of pure volleyball in the starting period. Mighty Czechs could do nothing but seeing how points were added in Brazilian side of the scoreboard. Besides, the European squad found that most of the public would cheer for south-Americans, as a punishment for the elimination of Spain. The 12-25 sums up the story of the first set.
Czech Republic tried to wake up from this nightmare in the second set. Until the first technical time-out, the squad trained by Pavel Rerabek resisted Brazilian pressure, but since that moment, Geovanni and André in the attacks and Ricardo in the leading took the job of bash Czechs hopes. 20-25 in the second, and Brazil was on the way to the Final.
Jarek Nowotny and Ivo Dubs didn't fall in despair and attempted to make the Czech dream come true, but they had in front at the best Brazil. Sout-American giants won the third set (18-25), proved a clear superiority over their opponents and put themselves in the pole position for the big Final.