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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Italy 3-0 (26-24, 25-22, 25-16) - duration 1:11
12-Jul, start time: 11:07, end time: 12:18 - Attendance: 3,750
Serbia&Montenegro beats Italy and secures the first spot in the Final.
Both teams tried to put pressure in their opponents with effective actions by the main stars. Andrea Giani and Marco Meoni in Italian side and Nikola Grbic and Ivan Miljkovic in Serbian side were the directors of both orchestras, and during most of the first set, none of them was able to stand out over the other. With the game tied, Serbia&Montenegro could clinch two positive actions in the right moment and took the lead in the game 1-0 (26-24).
This defeat in the period produced Italy to lose the concentration in the game. Serbia&Montenegro took use of the lousy start in the second set to achive a lead of 5-6 points that 'azzurra' squad was not able to recover. Despite the attempts of Andrea Giani to force a comeback, Serbia&Montenegro had already done all the home-works to win the set (25-22) and take a clear lead in the game.
The players trained by Veselin Vukovic were totally focused on victory, and when that happens not many teams can change that attitude. Italy couldn't match the concentration, the focus and the actions by Grbic and Mjlkovic, so Serbia&Montenegro didn't have many problems to lead the third set as well. Then Italy lost faith in the comeback, and that eased the deal for Serbia&Montenegro, that also won the third period (25-16) and secured the first spot in the big Final.