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Match Descriptive

Poland beat Venezuela 3-0 (25-18, 25-13, 25-23) - duration 1:19
07-Jun, start time: 15:07, end time: 16:26 - Attendance: 8,160
Poland claim first home victory
Venezuela gained their first win of the World League on Friday night but Poland, playing at home for the first time, made sure they turned around the result and in style.
After an initial nervous start where Poland gifted the visitors an early lead 8-4, the home side completely dominated the first two sets, racking up winning margins of seven and 12 points thanks to a demolition job both when serving and blocking. The first set inparticular proved crucial as the score went from 17-14 to 22-14 with Dawid Murek on the service line. Inspirational play indeed.
The second set was a copy of the first with Polands demolishing the Venezuelan defence while Marcin Nowak broke them down near the end of the set with an untouchable service.
Venezuela's star captain Ernardo "Harry" Gomez did his best to lead his troops to a come from behind victory, leading the way with 10 points and while the third set proved a lot tighter Poland were on a mission and couldn't be stopped.
"We saw two completely different matches (this weekend)," said Poland coach Waldemar Wspanialy. "My players came back to fitnness and the service was their weapon. We are still going to fight for the World League Finals' berth, although yesterday's loss makes the way to Madrid seem a lot longer."
At the half-way stage of the Intercontinental Rounds Poland now sit second with three victories in Pool A, one point behind Russia, who play their second game against Spain on Sunday. Venezuela, who has the sole victory, remains in fourth place.