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Press conference

Yugoslavia beat Italy 3-0 (26-24, 25-22, 25-16) - duration 1:11
12-Jul, start time: 11:07, end time: 12:18 - Attendance: 3,750
The captain and head coach of Serbia&Montenegro showed the happiness of the qualification to the Big Final. Head coach Veselin Vukovic said that todays victory "is the best thing we have done so far in the championship; I am very satisfied for the result". "In my opinion, the first set was the key", said Vukovic, "but now we should think on the Final tomorrow".

The Serbia&Montenegro captain, Nikola Grbic pointed out that the level of playing "is higher and hight by the day". "We have played our best match today, but I am still not sure if that will b enough to win the championship", said Grbic.

As for the italian side, deception was the main feeling. Italian head coach Gian Paolo Montali said: "Serbia&Montenegro has played today as true Olympic Champions, they have played a great game, specially the first set, where they gave a lesson of attack".

Italian captain Andrea Giani pointed out that it was a "very difficult game for us; we made a good first set, but in the two other sets we started quite bad and we couldn't come back so we ended up losing".