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Press conference

Bulgaria beat Netherlands 3-2 (25-22, 26-24, 20-25, 21-25, 15-12) - duration 2:05
07-Jun, start time: 17:07, end time: 19:12 - Attendance: 1,500

Statement of the Netherlands captain Nummerdor:
"The match today was a lot more equal than yesterday. Still we had our problems in reception and serving. Too bad it was on the decisive moments in the match, like in the beginning of the fifth set. It is very disappointing we lost again".

Statement of Bulgarian captain Ivanov:
"I'm very happy with this victory. This is very important for us in trying to reach the World League finals. We could have won by 3-0, but the Dutch improved their play in the second part of the match".

Statement of the Netherlands coach Goedkoop:
"The match today looked a lot like yesterday, but we fought harder. Still our service and reception has to improve. After equalizing after four sets we had a good chance for a win, but unfortunately we made too many errors in the fifth set."

Statement of Bulgarian coach Kijac:
"After winning the first match yesterday we had a psychological advantage. The first two sets we were able to show that. But than the Netherlands started to play a lot better and showed their potential. In reception we had problems. In the fifth set we were not unlucky in some way's. When it was 12-8 for us we couldn't believe we would win, because on the same score last week in Serbia and Montenegro we weren't able to finish. Now we get four matches at home. Probably we can make a big step to the finals then".