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Boys under 19 2003 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Czech Republic beat Netherlands 3-1 (25-23, 23-25, 25-20, 25-14) - duration 1:33
09-Jul, start time: 15:30, end time: 17:03 - Attendance: 300
CZE Coming back his form, CZE upseted NED 3:1 sets.
With a glimmer of hope on playing in the quarter - final round, both teams NED and CZE played with a very balance competition 8:7 points. in the beginning of the first set. No . 10 , Rauwerdink Jeroen could powerful attack hits and serving service, and leaded NED 13:12 and 16:13 before. After the second technical times out, CZE recovered their form and got egual points 16:16 , 19:19 . and could leaded the points before 22:20 . CZE won the first set 25:23
Leading a 1:0 set. Advantage, CZE played with their team work continuously in the second set. The game was the same as the first set, both teams played with nearly points. 7:7 . When CZE had many erros of digging the ball, NED recovered their forms. And leaded the points 19:14. NED got the good chance in contest, when CZE still played several errors of blocking and catched up the second set 25:23
The sets were equal 1:1 Both teams used excellent defensive and offensive played along the third set . which leaded them to play an equal game, 7:7 and 13:13. CZEs player No.1 could get two points from the powerful spikes. Vermeulen, Gido head coach of NED asked for the time out to claim his players CZE leaded the points again 16:14 18:15. NED asked for the second time out , but NED could not recover and lost the third set 25:20
Holding 2:1 sets advantage, CZE tried to march on their opponent team by the better team work. NED tried to reform their play., but they had many mistakes of receiving the first ball. CZE leaded the points again 8:14. NED team could not prevent the powerful spikes of No .5 Verely Jakub and No.1 Hrazdira Michal, so they lost points to points. CZE leaded ahead 14:17 , 16:18. After that CZE closed up the game 25:14 .