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Boys under 19 2003 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Puerto Rico beat Egypt 3-0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-23) - duration 1:07
09-Jul, start time: 15:41, end time: 16:48 - Attendance: 1,500
Puerto Rico beat Egypt 3-0 (25-21 25-16 25-23)
The Silapa-Archa Gymnasium turned a battlefield of two continental champions - North American champions Puerto Rico and African champions Egypt. Both sides stared strongly, with leads changing hands from the very beginning of the competition. As leading narrowly 16-15, the Puerto Ricans definitely put in their best effort. Hard-smashing Guillermo Diaz and Ivan Perez tore the Egyptian defence with their sharp spikes to help Puerto Rico clinch the first set 25-21.

As going down in the opener, Egypt fielded power-hitter Mahmoud Raouf Abdelkader in the second set, hoping to make amends for the one-set loss. Their intention was still in vain since the Puerto Ricans marched on the mighty attack, with Diaz and Juan Figueroa taking turns finding gaps in the Egyptian defence. As leading 18-12, Puerto Rico headed swiftly for success. Their all-out attempt bore fruit moments later when they won the second set comfortably 25-16.

The third set was still dominated by Puerto Rico, which took the splendid offensive mobility of Ivans exceptional spikes and scintillating blocks by captain Juan Acevedo. The Puerto Ricans took the initial 13-10 lead. Ahmed Mosaad Abdel Fattahs fast spikes assisted the Egyptians to narrow the gap at 17-18, but Perezs aggressive cross-court spikes also saved the day for Puerto Rico, gaining point by point for the team to win the set 25-23.