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Boys under 21, 2003 - Press Info

Press conference

Iran beat Thailand 3-0 (25-16, 25-22, 25-19) - duration 1:07
11-Jul, start time: 13:41, end time: 14:48 - Attendance: 4,500
Today we could not received the Iranian serves well in which we could not play our games at all. We have problem in receiving an easy serves. However, we are very happy to play in the quarter final for the first time. Our players potential have proved that they can do according to the aimed. We know that to play with the Iran team is not an easy work because the Iranian is a strong team. They are very good in attacking which made our team cannot do anything much. We will try our best to qualify for the fifth and sixth playoff match. We will play the match against the loser between Puerto Rico or India. - head coach, Apichart Kongsawad

I am very happy that the team has qualified into the semi-final. Thailand is a strong team. We played under pressure because of the Thai crowds that came to cheer for their team. The Thais did very well in the second set which could upset our players a lot. We dont know as yet which team we will meet. But we do our best to qualify into the final of the tournament. - head coach, Naser Shahnazi.