FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2012


 SON / Sollys/Nestlé
Osasco - São Paulo, Brazil  

Assistant coach JEFFERSON AROSTI
Assistant coach 2
Journalist RAFAEL ZITO
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Country
  1 Ivna Marra Ivna 25.01.1990 185 76 305 294 BRA
  4   Samara Almeida Samara 16.07.1992 185 62 293 278 BRA
  5 Adenizia Da Silva Adenizia 18.12.1986 185 63 312 290 BRA
  6   Thaisa Daher de Menezes Thaisa 15.05.1987 196 79 316 301 BRA
  7 Karine Souza Karine 25.02.1979 176 72 289 279 BRA
  C 8   Jaqueline Pereira De Carvalho Endres Jaque 31.12.1983 186 70 302 286 BRA
  12 Gabriella Guimaraes de Souza Gabriella 14.12.1993 175 69 296 273 BRA
  13   Sheilla Castro De Paula Blassioli Sheilla 01.07.1983 185 64 302 284 BRA
  14 Josefa Fabiola Almeida De Sousa Alves Fabiola 03.02.1983 184 70 300 285 BRA
  15   Daniele Oliveira Dani Suco 04.11.1986 183 68 304 286 BRA
  16 Fernanda Rodrigues Fe Garay 10.05.1986 179 74 308 288 BRA
  L 18   Camila Brait C. Brait 28.10.1988 170 58 271 256 BRA
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Founded in 1993, Sollys Osasco is one of the most successful and famous volleyball teams in Brazil. The club has won four editions of the Superliga – the most important national tournament – and two of the South American Championship. The team has also won the Salonpas Cup four times.

Several legends of international volleyball have worn the club’s jersey, including Isabel Salgado, Virna Dias, Fernanda Venturini, Marcia Fu, Ida, Ana Moser, Paula Pequeno, Mari and the Peruvian Rosa Garcia. World-renowned coaches, such as Olympic champions Jose Roberto Guimaraes and Enio Figueiredo, have also taken turns behind the Sollys bench.

In its second year of existence, 1994, Sollys finished third in the Club World Championships. That edition was played in the city of Osasco, where the team would end up moving in 1996. In that same 1994 season, the team won its first three competitions: the Sao Paulo State Championship, the Brazilian Cup and the South Cup. In the following years, the club developed the talent-identifying programme that would find players like Fernanda Doval, Andreia Teixeira and Patricia Cocco.

The 2000s were the golden decade for the club, as in this period Sollys Osasco achieved its best results in major competitions. The club won Brazil’s Superliga for the first time in 2002/2003, then again in 2003/2004 and a third time in 2004/2005. For the following five seasons, Sollys Osasco advanced to every final match of the Superliga but was stopped each time by rival Rexona-Ades before finally returning to the top of the podium in 2009/2010 – winning the 2009 South American Championship along the way.

In 2010, Sollys won the South American Championship again and qualified for the Club World Championships, where they advanced to the final match against Fenerbahce of Turkey and came away with the silver medal.

In the 2010/2011 Superliga, Sollys advanced to the final match against Unilever (their old rival Rexona/Ades) and lost, taking the silver medal. They qualified for the South American Championship, won all their games and went on to take the bronze medal at the 2011 Club World Championships.

Sollys beat Unilever in the final of Superliga 2011/2012 and again won the South American Championship to qualify for the Club World Championships.

Coach profile

Luizomar de Moura started his career as assistant coach of Uniban/Sao Caetano in 1995. In the following season he worked in Leites Nestle before arriving in BCN/Osasco, where stayed for two years.

In 2000/2001, Luizomar was invited to be the head coach of Flamengo and won the Brazilian Superliga in his first season with the club. That good result opened the Brazilian national team's doors to Luizomar, and he worked as assistant coach for Marco Aurelio Motta in 2001 and 2002. At the same time he led Automovel Clube de Campos and, later, Oi/Macaé, taking the team to third in the 2005/2006 Superliga.

Luizomar then moved to Finasa/Osasco and finished second in the following three seasons. In 2009/2010 he led the team to its fourth Superliga title, followed by its fifth in 2011/2012.

Since 2003, Luizomar has also worked with the Brazilian Youth and Junior teams. he has been successful with both, winning Youth World (2005 and 2009), Junior World (2007) and South American Youth and Junior (2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010) Championships.