FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2012


 LAN / Lancheras de Cataño
Cataño, Puerto Rico  

Team manager William Lopez
Coach Rafael Olazagasty
Assistant coach Esai Velez
Assistant coach 2
Doctor Dr.Jorge Mendez Colon
Physiotherapist Michael Serralta
Journalist Hector Rodriguez
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Country
  1 Tatiana Jusino Jusino 27.07.1990 170 59 265 260 PUR
  L 2   Debora Seilhamer Seilhamer 04.10.1985 166 61 245 240 PUR
  3 Yarimar Rosa Rosa 20.06.1988 178 62 295 285 PUR
  4   Tatiana Encarnación Encarnacion 28.07.1985 182 72 300 279 PUR
  5 Myrlena Lopez Lopez 29.11.1985 182 72 290 285 PUR
  6   Paulette Garcia Garcia 09.07.1990 178 73 270 265 PUR
  7 Mariel Medina Medina 06.09.1988 172 62 275 270 PUR
  8   Jetzabel Del Valle Del Valle 19.12.1979 185 73 305 292 PUR
  9 Oneida Coromoto Gonzalez Garcia Gonzalez 03.06.1981 188 75 0 0 VEN
  10   Natalia Valentin Valentin - Anderson 12.09.1989 170 61 244 240 PUR
  11 Jessica Susan Tow-Arnett Tow-Arnett 15.11.1986 191 67 316 300 USA
  C 18   Shanon Torregrosa Wingate 11.02.1981 188 85 301 297 PUR
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Lancheras de Cataño Voleibol Club is one of the ten clubs that participated in the recently-completed women’s volleyball tournament sponsored by the Federación Puertorriqueña de Voleibol in Puerto Rico.

In 2012 Lancheras made history by winning the National Championship in just their third year in existence. This is the first Puerto Rican club ever to win the National Championship in such short order. During the regular season, the Club finished in 4th position with 15 wins and 7 losses.

The club debuted in 2010, and quickly built a large fan base. Their first year was already massively successful, as they reached the National Championship semifinals. In 2011 the team reached the quarterfinals.

Winning the National Championship gave Lancheras de Cataño the honor of representing Puerto Rico in the 2012 FIVB Club World Championships, as Puerto Rico was selected to represent the NORCECA Confederation in the tournament. This is the first time that a women’s club from the Puerto Rican federation is participating in this competition.

The team is expecting to do well in the 2012 Club World Championships, despite this being their first appearance. Several of the team’s players have international experience and are familiar with that level of competition. All are looking forward to the opportunity of playing with the best globe’s best FIVB Clubs.

Coach profile

Rafael Olazagasti, known as Epique, was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He is 54. From a very young age he discovered his love and ability for sports, becoming an outstanding volleyball and basketball player at Colegio Del Pilar. He found his true passion in the sport of volleyball, helped by a teacher, Dr Manuel Velilla Iglesias. Epique started as a setter with his school and signed as a professional at the age of 16 with the Round Hill Dolphins. He played for several years with other professional teams, including Plataneros de Corozal, Trujillo Alto and Jayuya, and retired at the age of 30. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Río Piedras in 2003.

Epique coached sports at Colegio San Jorge, where he became recognised for his coaching style and outstanding career He went on to establish the volleyball program at Colegio Rosa-Bell, making it one of the best island-wide.

With five professionl league titles, two USA Junior National titles and two Coach of the Year awards under his belt, Epique has built an impressive reputation. He was coach of Puerto Rico’s men’s team in the 1995 Pan Am Games and the 1998 Men’s National Team for NORCECA and CAC, and assistant coach of the 2011 Women’s National Team at NORCECA.

In 1980, Olazagasti married Lourdes Prieto. The couple have two daughters, Alondra and Coralis, whom he considers his greatest achievements in life.