FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2012


 KZN / Zenit Kazan
Kazan, Russia  

Assistant coach 2 PISAREV VLADIMIR
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Country
  1 Matthew Anderson Anderson 18.04.1987 202 100 360 332 USA
  3   Nikolay Apalikov Apalikov 26.08.1982 203 103 353 344 RUS
  4 Ivan Demakov Demakov 06.01.1993 209 101 350 330 RUS
  5   Valerio Vermiglio Vermiglio 01.03.1976 193 85 342 320 ITA
  6 Evgeny Sivozhelez Sivozhelez 06.08.1986 196 90 330 320 RUS
  8   Igor Kolodinsky Kolodinskiy 07.07.1983 197 92 340 325 RUS
  9 Alexey Cheremisin Cheremisin 23.09.1980 202 98 350 338 RUS
  10   Yury Berezhko Berezhko 27.01.1984 196 93 346 338 RUS
  14 Alexander Abrosimov Abrosimov 25.08.1983 207 98 341 325 RUS
  L 15   Alexey Obmochaev Obmochaev 22.05.1989 188 80 325 310 RUS
  17 Vladislav Babichev Babichev 18.02.1981 185 78 316 312 RUS
  C 18   Maxim Mikhaylov Mikhaylov 19.03.1988 202 103 345 330 RUS
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Zenit Kazan has been Russia’s most successful club in recent years. It was founded with the name Dinamo Kazan in 2000, and in a short time the team moved up through the minor leagues to make their debut in the Russian Championship super league in 2003/04. The Kazan team won bronze in that first season.

Before season 2006/07 the Kazan team, which was called Dinamo-Tattransgas, implemented a vigorous selection that brought in stars such as americans Lloyd Ball and Clayton Stanley, and Russian national team players Vadim Khamuttskikh, Sergey Tetyukhin, Andrey Egorchev and Alexander Kosarev. This brought the club their first championship title.

In 2007/08 Zenit won Europe’s most prestigious club trophy – the European Champions League – on their first try. After that season the Russian national team’s coach, Vladimir Alekno, took over at Zenit. That spring Zenit became the champion of Russia for the second time.

For the first time in their history, in season 2009/10 Zenit Kazan managed to win a “golden double”. The team won the National Championship and the Russian Cup. In November 2009, as one of the strongest teams of the European continent, they participated in the Club World Championships in Doha, Qatar. They took third place in the tournament.

In January 2011 Zenit Kazan acquired their own domestic arena, “St. Petersburg”, with capacity for 5,000 spectators.

Coach profile

Kazan coach Vladimir Alekno started his volleyball career in 1984 with the SKA Minsk volleyball team. He also played for CSKA, Bulgaria's Levski, Italy's Asti and Spoletto, France's Cannes and Tours.

Alekno, born December 4, 1966, coached Tours in France from 1999 to 2004. In 2003, he became a cup winner in France and then league champion in 2004 before leading his team to bronze in the European Champions League.

In 2005 he became coach of Dinamo Moscow, moulding them into champions and cup winners in Russia in 2006. From 2007 to 2008 Alekno was the coach of the Russian men's national team, leading them to three silver medals in the 2007 FIVB World League, 2007 European Championship and 2007 FIVB World Cup, as well as bronze in the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Alekno has been the head coach of Zenit Kazan
since 2008. He immediately led the team to triumph in the National Championship, but the next season was one of the most outstanding in his career. Zenit Kazan, for the first time in their history, achieved a “golden” double. The team won the Championship and the Russian Cup, and took bronze in the Club World Championships in Qatar.

Alekno was once again selected to coach the Russian men's national team in 2012 and started its training for the Olympic Games in London where the team won gold in an amazing final against Brazil. In July 2011 the Russian team also won the World League after a nine-year interval.

Alekno is married with two children.