FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2012



Pool A

No Teams Date Time City Hall
1 Sada Cruzeiro (BRA)-Tigres N. Leon (MEX) 13-Oct 15:00 Doha Aspire Dome
3 Trentino Diatec Trento (ITA)-Al-Rayyan (QAT) 13-Oct 19:00 Doha Aspire Dome
5 Trentino Diatec Trento (ITA)-Tigres N. Leon (MEX) 14-Oct 17:00 Doha Aspire Dome
6 Sada Cruzeiro (BRA)-Al-Rayyan (QAT) 14-Oct 19:00 Doha Aspire Dome
9 Trentino Diatec Trento (ITA)-Sada Cruzeiro (BRA) 16-Oct 15:00 Doha Aspire Dome
10 Al-Rayyan (QAT)-Tigres N. Leon (MEX) 16-Oct 19:00 Doha Aspire Dome


Pool B

No Teams Date Time City Hall
2 PGE Skra B. (POL)-Zamalek (EGY) 13-Oct 17:00 Doha Aspire Dome
4 Al-Arabi Doha (QAT)-Zenit Kazan (RUS) 14-Oct 15:00 Doha Aspire Dome
7 Al-Arabi Doha (QAT)-Zamalek (EGY) 15-Oct 10:00 Doha Aspire Dome
8 Zenit Kazan (RUS)-PGE Skra B. (POL) 15-Oct 19:00 Doha Aspire Dome
11 Zenit Kazan (RUS)-Zamalek (EGY) 17-Oct 15:00 Doha Aspire Dome
12 PGE Skra B. (POL)-Al-Arabi Doha (QAT) 17-Oct 19:00 Doha Aspire Dome


No Teams Date Time City Hall
13 Trentino Diatec Trento (ITA)-Zenit Kazan (RUS) 18-Oct 15:00 Doha Aspire Dome
14 PGE Skra B. (POL)-Sada Cruzeiro (BRA) 18-Oct 19:00 Doha Aspire Dome


No Teams Date Time City Hall
15 Zenit Kazan (RUS)-PGE Skra B. (POL) 19-Oct 15:00 Doha Aspire Dome
16 Trentino Diatec Trento (ITA)-Sada Cruzeiro (BRA) 19-Oct 19:00 Doha Aspire Dome

Press releases

20.10.2012 04:22:32
We are part of history - says Kaziyski

Press Conference Trentino Diatec v Sada Cruzeiro... More...

19.10.2012 22:55:19
Trentino Diatec and Sollys Nestle crowned in Doha

Doha, Qatar, October 19, 2012 – Trentino Diatec of Italy won the men’s gold medal for a fourth consecutive year while Sollys Nestle of Brazil were... More...

19.10.2012 19:59:26
Italy’s Trentino Diatec achieve four-peat

Doha, Qatar, October 19, 2012 – Trentino Diatec kept intact their own dynasty and that of Italian teams at the Men’s FIVB Club World Championship.... More...

19.10.2012 17:34:16
PGE Skra Belchatow show character in come-from-behind victory

19.10.2012 16:35:20
PGE Skra Belchatow win men’s bronze medal