Pool A

No   Team A Team B Date Time GMT Time
1   Trinity Western Spartans (CAN) Zenit Kazan (RUS) 8-Oct 10:00 07:00
2   KS Jastrzebski Wegiel (POL) Paykan (IRI) 8-Oct 17:00 14:00
5   Paykan (IRI) Zenit Kazan  (RUS) 9-Oct 17:00 14:00
7   Trinity Western Spartans (CAN) Paykan (IRI) 10-Oct 15:00 12:00
8   KS Jastrzebski Wegiel (POL) Zenit Kazan (RUS) 10-Oct 17:00 14:00
10   KS Jastrzebski Wegiel (POL) Trinity Western Spartans (CAN) 11-Oct 17:00 14:00

Pool B

No   Team A Team B Date Time GMT Time
3   Al-Ahly Sporting Club (EGY) Al-Arabi (QAT) 8-Oct 19:00 16:00
4   Trentino Diatec (ITA) Al-Ahly Sporting Club (EGY) 9-Oct 15:00 12:00
6   SESI-SP (BRA) Al-Arabi (QAT) 9-Oct 19:00 16:00
9   Al-Ahly Sporting Club (EGY) SESI-SP (BRA) 10-Oct 19:00 16:00
11   Trentino Diatec (ITA) Al-Arabi (QAT) 11-Oct 19:00 16:00
12   SESI-SP (BRA) Trentino Diatec (ITA) 12-Oct 19:00 16:00


No   Team A Team B Date Time GMT Time
13   KS Jastrzebski Wegiel (POL) SESI-SP (BRA) 13-Oct 15:00 12:00
14   Trentino Diatec (ITA) Zenit Kazan (RUS) 13-Oct 19:00 16:00


No   Team A Team B Date Time GMT Time
15   SESI-SP (BRA) Zenit Kazan (RUS) 14-Oct 15:00 12:00
16   KS Jastrzebski Wegiel (POL) Trentino Diatec (ITA) 14-Oct 19:00 16:00

Press releases

28.10.2011 17:04:04
Zorzi: "Good approach secret to Trentino success"

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 28, 2011 - Former Italian star and two-time world champion Andrea Zorzi says that Trentino Diatec’s third straight FI... More...

15.10.2011 00:28:07
Two referees retire upon conclusion of FIVB Club World Championships

Doha, Qatar, October 14, 2011 – Two referees from different areas of the world retired upon the conclusion of the current FIVB Volleyball Club World... More...

14.10.2011 23:41:39
Reviewing the FIVB Men's Club Volleyball Championship

Doha, Qatar, October 14, 2011 – Trentino Diatec Trento won the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship after defeating Trentino KS Jastrzebs... More...

14.10.2011 23:31:31
Juantorena earns MVP honors of FIVB Men's Club World Championship

14.10.2011 23:09:25
Incredible final, says Trentino Diatec captain Matey Kaziyski

14.10.2011 20:09:17
Trentino Diatec win third straight FIVB World Club Championship gold medal

14.10.2011 16:44:57
Overall we can be proud of our performance, Zenit Kazan captain Volkov says

14.10.2011 15:59:11
Zenit Kazan win bronze medal in four-set win over Sesi Sao Paulo

14.10.2011 15:05:47
Qatar possible hosts of 2018 Men’s World Championship

14.10.2011 00:51:35
Trentino Diatec one win from third FIVB Men's Club World Championship

13.10.2011 20:47:47
Team spirit and determination were great, says Trentino Diatec captain Kaziyski

13.10.2011 20:06:56
Trentino Diatec win semifinal battle over Zenit Kazan

13.10.2011 17:19:09
Team work allowed us to achieve our goal, Jastrzebski Wegiel captain Bartman says