AAH / Al-Ahly Sporting Club - Team Composition

Team manager Ismael, Sameh Mahmoud Hamdy
Head coach Mohamed, Ibrahim Fakhr Eldin
Assistant coach Ibrahim, Mohamed Moselny Tawfik
Doctor El Deiasti, Ehab, Fakhr El Din
Therapist / trainer El Wazeer, Mahmoud Amin Ahmed
Journalist Aly, Alaa Ezzat Almeldin
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block
  1 Abdellatif Ahmed Tefa 13.08.1983 202 90 345 325
  C 2   Abdallah Abdalsalam Abdallah Bekhit Abdalla 10.10.1983 202 85 346 330
  4 Ahmed Abdelhay A. Salah 19.08.1984 197 87 342 316
  L 5   Tamer Yasin T. Magdy 03.08.1976 191 90 330 310
  7 Mahmoud Abd El Kader Raouf 12.05.1985 195 94 342 316
  8   Mohamed Ketat Ketat 02.03.1984 205 93 350 316
  10 Vladimir Katona Katona 16.01.1984 200 88 352 335
  11   Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaal 01.03.1989 193 83 335 330
  13 Abd Elhalim Mohamed Abou Halim 03.06.1989 210 88 351 344
  14   Milos Antonic Antonic 17.06.1987 198 90 340 325
  15 Ahmed Elkotb A. Kotb 23.07.1991 197 80 328 318
  17   Mohamed Elmetwaly M.Anis 01.03.1990 202 70 329 296
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Al-Ahly sporting club have been one of the leading lights in African Volleyball winning the African Nations Championship eight times since its inception in 1981.

The Egyptian side have been regulars in many international tournaments and also boast 26 domestic league titles as well as 15 Egypt Cup victories. Additionally, the club often provide the backbone for the national side with nine players currently turning out for their country.

The club continued their reputation as one of the leading clubs in Africa as they managed to pick up another Continental title, as well as the Egypt Cup and Egypt League in 2011.

Despite losing six of their most valuable players, the side managed to recruit successfully as they welcomed in a new era for the club.

Coach profile


Every group has a driving force, a strength that would gather the team in unison towards one goal and for the Al-Ahly’s Volleyball team, Mr. Ibrahim Fakhr Eldin is definitely the one. 

Ibrahim Fakhr Eldin is the head Coach of the Al-Ahly Sporting Club’s professional volleyball team since July 2009.

As a backgrounder, Mr. Ibrahim is 57 years old and was born in Cairo, Egypt. He was a graduate of  Physical Education and Sports College in 1978, He attended local training courses for basic and advance level of volleyball coaching and training. He also attended international courses for volleyball coaching, training and techniques. 

Mr. Ibrahim started his volleyball career when he was 17 years old playing for the Al-Ahly’s youth team until his retirement as a player in 1981 when he got injured.

The injury gave opportunity to Mr. Ibrahim to a career switch and it was when he started his coaching in 1982. He became the head coach of the Al-Ahly’s first team.

The best part of his coaching career started when he handled the national volleyball team of Egypt to World Cup in 1999. In 2000, his team won the African championship league which qualified them to the Sydney Olympic Games2000. 

During the duration of his coaching career with Al-Ahly’s club, Mr. Ibrahim delivered 21 Championships as follows:

a.     Egypt League  (7) -      

b.     Egypt Cup  (4)

c.      African Championship (9)

d.     Arab Championship (1)

To mold a team to become a champion is not an easy task but neither a challenge to be afraid of. A risk is a risk but a calculated risk results to a higher percentage of success.  Coach Ibrahim definitely took a lot of risk in training a team not to mention the selection of the right players. Training a team is his specialization, winning a game is his expertise.