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FIVB Men’s Volleyball Club World Championship
Doha, Qatar
15-21 December 2010
 BLV / Drean Bolivar - Team Composition


Team manager Giacomo Piccirilli
Head coach Javier Weber
Assistant coach Marcelo Silva
Doctor Gabriel Solari
Therapist / trainer Carlos Getzelevich
Journalist Matias Rosa
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Country
  C 1 Gabriel Arroyo Arroyo 3/03/1977 194 95 352 327 ARG
  2   Javier Filardi Filardi 7/02/1980 190 89 340 318 ARG
  3 Elvis Daverson Contreras de los Santos Contreras 16/05/1984 190 88 363 330 DOM
  4   Ivan Castellani Castellani 19/01/1991 196 82 345 320 ARG
  L 5 Pablo Meana Meana 10/06/1975 187 87 325 315 ARG
  8   Edgardo Lioca Lioca 22/12/1990 183 79 312 300 ARG
  9 Federico Pereyra Pereyra L. 19/06/1988 200 99 350 335 AR
  10   Franco Giachetta Giachetta 28/03/1987 201 94 342 323 ARG
  11 Sebastian Solé Sole 12/06/1991 200 94 362 342 ARG
  12   Jean Carlo Badalotti Jean Carlo 28/09/1973 191 84 338 325 BRA
  14 Lucas Ocampo Ocampo 20/03/1986 196 100 335 318 ARG
  15   Luciano De Cecco De Cecco 2/06/1988 191 98 332 315 ARG
  16 Juan Riganti Riganti 28/06/1988 188 83 320 305 ARG
  17   Nicolas Mendez Mendez 2/11/1992 191 90 340 326 ARG
  18 Maximiliano Scarpin Scarpin 22/02/1990 200 87 340 312 ARG
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Bolivar was established in 2002 in the aftermath of the FIVB Women's World Championship, played in Argentina, which saw popularity for Volleyball boom. It's founder is considered one of the most important men in Argentinean television, Marcelo Tinelli. Since its debut, the side, nicknamed the Eagles, has became protagonists in each tournament, winning six National League titles, seven national championships, and thirteen international cups. Boosting a loyal fanbase the team has rapidly grown in popularity across Argentina.

Drean Bolivar has won the last four consecutive Argentine Leagues all under the guidance Argentina men's coach Javier Weber and a host of national stars including Alejandro Spajic, Pablo Meana, Guillermo García, Javier Filardi and Gabriel Arroyo as well as Brazilians William Peixoto Arjona, Jean Carlo Badalotti and Wallace Jansen de Souza Martins.

The side also have a number of promising young players on its books following a large recruitment campaign which saw two thousand young people from across the country take part. These include Luciano De Cecco, Juan Pablo Alanis and Rodrigo Aschemacher.

Following a number of seasons dominating the scene in Argentina, Bolívar began to compete across the world, completing successful tours in Brazil in 2006, Italy and Spain in 2007 and USA in 2009. 2008 saw the club clinch their first World Challenge Cup against Brazilian club Unisul and they repeated this achievement the following year against Korea's Air Jumbos.

As well as having a major impact on the national scene, Bolivar have also contributed to the development of Volleyball in Argentina. 2007 saw them open the José Domeño Club, a center of excellence devoted specifically to the physical and technical training of Volleyball players. It also doubles as the training center for the national team.

This season has seen Bolivar assemble a team of young talents from the national team led by setter De Cecco, Lucas Ocampo, Sebastián Sole and Federico Pereyra all of whom featured at the 2010 FIVB Men's World Championship in Italy.

Coach profile

Javier Weber is one of the most emblematic players in Argentine Volleyball history. With 613 caps for the national side as a setter from 1985-2002, he was privy to some of Argentina's greatest results, including a 1988 Olympic bronze medal, 1995 Pan American Games gold, and three Olympic and five World Championship Campaigns.
After leaving the court he made his debut as a coach in Brazil and quickly became one of the best in the Superliga with Unisul. He was immediately hired by Greek side Panathinaikos and, in just one season, became a champion and top coach again.
In 2006 he returned to his home country to take charge of Bolivar. Under his command the Eagles claimed the National League title for four straight seasons, including one undefeated campaign in 2006-7  in which they claimed 52 straight wins. In October 2010 he won the South American Club Championship with victory over Brazil's Cimed.
Javier Weber was named Argentina coach in 2009 and immediately took them to fifth place at the FIVB World League.


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