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Germany beat Ukraine 3-1 (17-25, 25-20, 25-18, 25-23) - duration 1:25
14-Sep, start time: 12:29, end time: 13:54 - Attendance: 250
Germany won over the Ukrain 3 : 1 sets.
The fifth rank match between Ukrain and Germany, it was the Ukrain girls who came out with tremendously games leading in the opening match 20:14. The better team work and solid defence, helped Ukrain to successful game over their opponent to 25:17
Conceding the opening set. The UKrains put their acts together to march over their opponent team. However , Germany would not allow Ukrain to be easily game by coming back their normal form. To fight closely point 8:7 . The score was equal at 19:19 with the fine blocks of no.10 Tina Gollan got . Three points and pulled Germany to go out 23:20 and got the second set 25:20
The third set, the game still looked like so the last two sets. Both two teams built their defensive and offensive style to contort in the court. The scare was tied at 10:10. Kathleen Weiss no.2, the team captain showed her jumping service to pull Germany's points ahead. After the second technical time-out the Germany' s players came to their shy them k way to march over their opponent team 25:18
Germany still performed superbly in the fourth set which Tina Golland and Christine Frust shone through their improve form of the stormy attack hits. After going the upper hand to lead initially 16 : 13, The Germany ' s girls continued their supremacy, while the Ukrains tried more their team work to equal the points 22 : 22. Finally the Germany's girls closed the last set 25 : 23