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Belarus beat Russia 3-2 (26-24, 25-18, 18-25, 18-25, 15-8) - duration 1:53
14-Sep, start time: 10:00, end time: 11:53 - Attendance: 240
Belarus beat Russia 3-2 (26-24 25-18 18-25 18-25 15-8)
Both teams played their best with their aim of finishing seventh in this championship. This match was very close as both sides exploited their height advantage. The score was tied at 15-15 and 24-24. With solid blocks of Marina Tumas and Yuliya Andrushka, Belarus clinched the first set 26-24
The second set was in the same fashion. Both teams took turns leading in the scorecard. Belarus made the most of their second time-out, but that could help them lead at 16-11. After that, Belarus maintained their poise to stretch it to 21-13 before winning 25-18.
Holding a 2-0 advantage, Belarus marched on their powerful blocks in the third set to lead 8-5. However, the Russians tried to recover their form to tie the scores 13-13 and marched on to lead 16-14. The Russians regained their form to clinch the third set 25-18.
The Russians found their rhythm to lead initially in the fourth set 7-4. Belarus still could not regain their form. As expected, the Russians snatched the set with this form 25-18.
In the do or die tie-breaker, both teams fought out point by point which saw the scores very close. Belarus put their acts together to lead all the way before running away with the set win 15-8 and the seventh place in this championship.