Short characterization: Serbia & Montenegro

I Team formation

·         After 2004 new formation of the pool of players – 2 new players plus libero in basic formation;

·         Experienced and well-established team – steadiness at 4 important playing positions.

·         Have outstanding individual experts acting cleverly and with routine!

·         Janic No.4/Mitrovic No.5 (passing outside), Stankovic No.7 (middle block) and Samardzic No.8 (libero) staff the regular players with younger people – Stankovic No.7 with 20 years youngest in the pool of players;

·         Average age 25.7 years; with 197.2 cm body height within average range (place 1-6). 

II General impression

·         SCG takes part in the final round due to their bonus being automatically qualified as host and gained the 2nd place with excellent morale.  

·         Not equivalent options for substitution of Miljkovic No.14, Geric No.12, Vujevic No.13 and Grbic No.9 yet – can not yet be replaced as leading players!      

·         After being two sets down lucky win against Poland; after euphoric and brilliant first set in the final (BRA) three distinctly lost sets follow (< 20 point)! 

·         In all, missing stability in the playing element; extraordinary high error rate and insufficient efficacy in offence (< 40%); lack of physical fitness!

·         Rank among the first in the categories passing and digging – have three best individual players and the top scorer Miljkovic No.14; outstanding serving team!  

III Team composition and characteristic of play

·         Demonstration of European power volleyball – the individual excellence and the above average physical abilities are the basis of their playing concept.

·         Clearly structured play with clear distribution of roles (game concept) – rely on individual ability and intelligent solution options.

·         Substitution options are limited; therefore signs of tiredness become increasingly obvious during the tournament – missing reserves during the tournament!

·         As regards selected elements (basic skills) they are among the international trend setters and individual players point the way to the future.

·         Small portion of back court attacks (P6) narrows game concept down.

·         In decisive game situations (end of set and of game, finish of long rallies and tricky situations) they use the outstanding physical constitution and variability of Miljkovic No.14!

IV Technical impression

Complex I


·         Behind Cuba second best team with 63% excellent passing and an error rate of  5%, Samardzic No.8 best passing libero (65% excellent) and second behind Juantorena No.5, 

·         Reception of jump serve in 3-person pattern; Samardzic No.8 and Vujevic No.13 always pass, regardless of the type of serve! 

·         When passing jump float Mitrovic No.5 leaves the pattern (integration back court attack P6), as back row player Janic No.4 remains in the formation and as front row player rather leaves the formation.   

·         Partly coordination problems between Janic No.4 and Samardzic No.8 at jump float serves!


·         With Grbic No.9 they have an outstanding setter and strategist, being very valuable also because of his quality in the other skills (serves, block and attack)!

·         Grbic No.9 distributes the balls very skilfully during the game and varies the tempo of sets depending on the situation to the individual outside hitters.

·         He prefers first tempo sets from good passing (up to appr. 2m. from the net) along the entire width of the net – unexpectedly attacks as first hitter  (75% plus)! 

·         Ilic’s No.15 body movement (second setter) is better to understand – seldom uses quick attackers; he plays quick and powerful sets from the 3m.-line to outside P4!

Attacking side out:

·         Too little striking force and too high error rate in attack – were not able to assert themselves in outside attack and through Miljkovic No.14 (back court P1) against Brazil!

·         Only sporadic integration of back row attack P6 (Janic No.4, Mitrovic No.5 and Vujevic No.13) - too low success rate and insufficient technical tactical repertoire!

·         Inadequate solution options in confrontation with formed group blocks at outside positions.

·         Successful first tempo attack through Geric No.12 (best quick attacker with 51% plus) – wide range of variations (variable hitting movements, also beyond the shoulder axis)!

Complex II


·         Best serving team (17 points) - with Miljkovic No.14 they have the by far most dangerous (hard and variable) and most effective serving player (9 points with 10 errors)! 

·         With hard and variable serves they putt he opponents under pressure and cut down their attacking play – high portion of effective serves; vary with use of spin.

·         Modification of type of serve depending on tactical requirements – individual players (Grbic No.9, Markovic No.17 and Stankovic No.7) effectively inserts jump float serves!


·         Weakest blocking team of tournament – Geric No.12, earlier most successful block player, at place 11 of ranking list and by far the best block player of his team. 

·         No change of position; incidental, but not systematic and coordinated support by outside blockers against attacks beyond the middle of the net! 

·         Geric No.12 masters several blocking techniques at individual net positions and uses them depending on situation and adapting to the opponent!.

·         Problems of younger middle blockers (Stankovic No.7/Markovic No.17) in decision behaviour (are often jumping with) and at quick sets to outside positions.

·         Often form triple blocks against attacks from high sets! 


·         Well coordinated defensive behaviour; central responsibility of libero – defends at P5 except for unusual situations (long moves, quick transitions).

·         Short distance covering by back row players at P1/5.

·         With double and/or single blocks at outside positions they work with double and triple defence in the diagonal; position defence with triple blocks!

·         Signal system coordinated with block player to choose defence system and defence behaviour.

Attacking transition:

·         SCG relies on the individual excellence of Miljkovic No.14 – they use his outstanding physical abilities, wide variability and aggressiveness to finalize many attacks.

·         Miljkovic No.14 is the by far mostly used attacking player – responsible for decisive situations (end of set and of game, long moves and tricky balls).

·         Quick and outside attackers are selectively served out of free balls and clear situations!