Short characterization: BRAZIL

I Team formation

·       Nearly completely new formation after the 2004 OG.

·       Average age 25.2 years; 4 players born in 1982 or later; full utilization of these players in basic line up.

·       Very balanced team, not so tall, average body height of the regular players 183 cm, except a middle blocker (player No. 5: 191 cm).

·       Additional reinforcement is envisaged (middle-blocker, setter) and can contribute to improve the consistency of the team.

II General impression

·       While the more experienced players have taken a break after the OG or finished their international career, the mixture between experienced players and newcomers maintained last years’ performance level.

·       Balanced and high individual performance level of all players allows manifold possibilities of substitution to currently optimize the game as well as to realize control within physical-conditional field during long-lasting and hard games/tournaments.

·       The WGP 2005 champion played very well during this competition except the China match (fighting spirit, many unforced errors). If they succeed to avoid such “blackouts” in the future, BRA will rank among the favourites for the 2006 WCh.

III Team composition and characteristic of play

·       Majority of BRA players are natural volleyball players; well coordinated play; play enthusiastic and emotional; total volleyball (all players are contributing on the court) and fine tactical adaptation. The universal playing ability of all players enhances the performance level as for the specific playing skills (high and balanced performance level within all elements of play).

Very powerful attacking play with distinct individual strengths (mixture between power attack and „tactical“  hits, simply structured attack combinations).

·       The coaching contribution is very high for all kinds of aspect. One gets the impression that the coach was evaluating players to identify who can help the team for almost all position.

·       Continuous optimization of the own play, of opponent-specific preparation and control of the game by systematic work with modern information technologies (statistical data, digital video data, work based on database).

·       New talents (particularly player No. 3, 5, 12, 17) are working very well.

·       Improvements with the middle-blockers (quick attack) and as for details of serve (e. g. jump power with spin) possible.

·       Double substitution (setter and opposite) is working well. Together with further substitution tactics and different starting line-ups (concerning the rotation) the opponents are confronted with permanently changing formations and new tactical constellations.

IV Technical impression

Complex I


·       Decent passing technique. Normal 3 person passing pattern against all variants of serve.

·       Depending on the situation, reception players are supported by players from outside the basic reception formation (short serves)

·       With 65% excellent actions and only 5% errors very stable reception performance of the team, libero (69%/4%) und two regular outside hitters among the „top ten“ within reception ranking.

·       Libero acting with a nice fluid and smooth movement into all directions with immediate ball action; stable situation-adapted technique (left and right side, falling, out of the movement forward and backwards, high/low, active and differentiated use of arms and legs).


·       BRA utilizes two relatively tall setters, acting at almost equal level and similarly as regards to their playing style. 

·       Middle attacker connection was not as good as last year. Actually middles got less sets than last 3 years. Problems concerning coordination “set/attack” at first tempo-attacks in front of setter.

·       Very good preparation of quick attack over outside position P4/2 (height and tempo of set perfectly adapted to the attacking players; the precisely differentiated tempo of sets is particularly remarkable (with a tendency toward more quick and powerful sets).

·       With setter P 4/3/2 effective sets into the back court – mostly P6.

·       Outside the organised system very precise semi-high sets mainly toward P4 (diagonally from the back court distinctly higher).

Attacking side out:

·       Powerful and variable attacks with good tool shot (block-out, wipe-off block, wrist shot etc.) and well controlled shots (longline and diagonal).

·       Within the organised attacking system mainly very effective quick attacks over outside positions P4/2; effective integration of back court attack with setter P4/3/2 mostly over P6; not much first tempo attack in front of setter and not optimally utilized.

·       Outside the organised attacking system all options for variable and aggressive completion of attack available by precise sets (longline/diagonal, touch the block, etc.).

Complex II


·       Serving by coach’s instruction.

·       Mixture of float variants and mostly straightly hit jump serves;

·       BRA was the worst in the above statistical ranking but make less errors and
very efficient tactical serve (limitation of the opponent combination attack).


·       Tactical adaptation by each rotation and point situation by the coach was very effective.

·       The outside blocker signals which position she is going to take either “Line or Angle”.

·       Good eye work (visualization); 2 player block against first tempo attack.

·       Very well coordinated group block supported by well-balanced jumping ability (including tall setters) (2 and 3 player block); quick movement of hands towards the ball, outside blockers act very well (position, timing, active work over the net and inwards).

·       Utilization of 3 player block.


·       Well organized defence system with situative adaptation.

·       Quick movement and good reading and reaction (all players).

·       Organisation of defence: 6 back (not at the baseline); back players P1/5 secure the block (starting position depending on situation); securing of diagonal by free net player and back player). Block P3: backrow defence moves forward.

·       Libero defends on several positions.

Attacking transition:

·       Attack from outside positions with semi-high and high sets dominate, actions of all attackers are very offensive and variable; very effective longline attack of P4 and P2.

·       Good quality of high set out of court (important for scoring in Complex II).

·       Quick attack from good defence and in free ball situations.

·       Using lots of back row attacks (“Pipe”) during the rally.