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2005 Youth Girls' Under 18 World Championships
Macau, 23 – 31 July 2005

Press conference

Korea beat China 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-21) - duration 1:18
30-Jul, start time: 16:11, end time: 17:29 - Attendance: 590
City: Macau; Hall : Tap Seac
KOR Head Coach Ahn, Byung-Man:
China has a very good team. After the first match we had in the preliminary round, we did some changes in our team. We tried to prepare well for the encounter. From 3-2 to 3-0, the set point was easier to achieve. I really don't know what happen to the China during this world championship. Last time we meet in the Asian Championship they beat us in two games, so I was expecting a very strong team.

KOR Captain Kim Yoen Koung:
We played a good game today. I think the European teams have been more difficult for us to face.

CHN Head Coach Lin Nan:
We didn't show our technique in this match. All of our girls in court were under their level. After the first set, we did some changes but it didn't bring any affect. We felt disappoint this time. We will prepare better for tomorrow's match.

CHN Captain Shen Jingsi:
Emotionally we were not in our best. We wanted to give it all but didn't felt the mood. We tried to cheer each other in the court.