Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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"So happy for this first victory against Italy" says Turkish captain

Italian captain Letizia Camera: “We got extremely nervous after we missed our chance in the second set. We did not succeed in playing the way we are used to and so we were mentally completely lost. We did not perform well even the easiest things, so in the third and fourth set we were definitely out of contention. Now we have to reset completely and get ready for the match against Belgium, we have still some chances to make it to the semifinals and we strongly believe in that”.

Coach Mauro Moretti: “We gave a real advantage to the Turks with our weak reception and this is something you definitely ca not afford when you play such a strong opponent. In the third and fourth set we were several times close to catch them up in the score but then we re-started making silly mistakes and our chances were definitely over”.

Turkey’s leader Cender Kestirengoz: “I am so happy with this victory, it is the first time we defeat Italy in six matches we have been playing so far. We’re still in full contention for the first place in our group and I hope we can achieve that goal”.

Coach Ismail Yengil: “During the first set my players were quite nervous and did not perform well. Then, after we got our chance in the second, the match was fully under our own control”.


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