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Another 3-0 for Brazil, this time against Peru

Brazilian Sthephanie setting the tone for her mates
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, July 7, 2009. The second round of the 2009 Girls’ Youth World Championships opened in the Mall Convention Center with the much awaited South American derby featuring the likes of pre-favorite Brazil and emerging Peru. The match was not as spectacular as expected, with Brazil sailing to a 3-0 (25-19, 25-19, 25-16) victory mainly thanks to the flurry of unforced errors that hampered Peru’s overall performance.
The Peruvian fans were back in the main hall to support their “chicas” with huge flags, drums and tireless choirs that were eventually joined also by some Thai spectators dressed in red and white t-shirts. This game was definitely a very good chance for the Peruvians to test our their real potential in this World Championship as their neighbors were the sole team having swept all matches played in preliminaries with a series of clean 3-0s. The score stayed extremely tight in the first set up to 12-12, with the “Cariocas” eventually clinching a mini-break as they profited of some silly mistakes hampering their opponents’ efficiency in reception (17-13). The Brazilian block also towered at the net but the score was moving up mainly thanks to the inconsistency of the Peruvian attackers, who spiked out several times in a row. Peruvian setter Gonzales started varying a little bit more her offensive solutions but it was unfortunately too late to try a comeback, at least for the first set (25-19 Brazil).
After another black-out right before the first technical break, Peru re-gained some confidence to level the score at 10; the Brazilians were also keen to fault with their attacks and services and their coach ultimately decided to substitute an inconsistent Eduarda with nr 2 Sthefanie. Both teams faced some ups and downs in the second set and continuously exchanged the lead with a series of breaks. The decisive turning point came during Francynne’s serving turn with Brazil scoring four points in a row – including two aces – to sail away for the final 25-19.
Peru did not find the right rhythm in the opening of the third set but nevertheless the girls in white jerseys played with all their hearts to keep alive their chances and steadily moved up their count to level at 9. However, the Peruvians’ lack of consistency was the key factor in this match: as soon as they slowed down their pace or decreased their efficiency in reception, Brazil regularly re-gained the lead and extended it up to 3-4 points (17-13). Peru’s coach opted for a couple of substitutions to give some back-up players a try in that section of the game, but that was definitely not enough to invert the negative trend. Brazil extended the lead and walked flawlessly up to the final whistle for another 3-0, thus maintaining a perfect sheet so far in this World Championship.

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