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Almirante Brown and Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 16 best boys' youth teams from all the five continents will vie for the World Championship title in the province of Buenos Aires from August 19-28. This is the first time in the history that the event takes centre stage in South America. With Argentina's rich history in organising major volleyball international events, the FIVB Volleyball Boys' Youth World Championship 2011 drives excitement and anticipation.

Argentina's vibrant and modern capital city, Buenos Aires, lies on the estuary of the Río de la Plata (the river of silver), across the water from Uruguay.

Buenos Aires was founded twice by Spanish explorers in 1536 and again in 1580. Yet the city's growth and regional prominence coincided with European migration in the 19th and 20th century and its European heritage is visible throughout.

Home to some 13 million people, the bustling city of Buenos Aires has the face and flavor of Europe - elegant cafés, beautiful architecture and approximately one hundred museums - yet its heart and soul beat to a Latin rhythm.

Almirante Brown is located south of the Greater Buenos Aires urban area while Bahía Blanca is a city located in the south-west of the province of Buenos Aires by the Atlantic Ocean.

The seaport of Bahía Blanca is one of the most important in Argentina because of the depth of its bay, which reaches over 10 meters. The city also handles commerce coming in trains, since it is considered the third most important railway crossing in the country behind Buenos Aires and Rosario. As a last push to its thriving economy, Bahía Blanca is a major pretrochemistry center, accounting for 45% of the national production of chemical products derived from petroleum.

The population of Bahía Blanca takes sports very seriously and is known as the capital of Argentinean basketball.


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Osvaldo Casanova Bahía Blanca

The Osvaldo Casanova sports hall can seat up to 3,000 spectators. Though it is a traditional venue for the Argentina basketball league, it regularly hosts volleyball matches.

Argentina's reigning club champion Bolívar played at Osvaldo Casanova last March against last year's runner-up, UPCN Vóley, in a feverish atmosphere.

1st Round:                                                         Pool B and Pool D will play in Bahia Blanca 


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Polideportivo Municipal Almirante Brown

With a seating capacity of 3,000, the Polideportivo Municipal of Almirante Brown is a regular facility for volleyball competition.

The Boca Juniors club played an entire Argentina League season there five years ago. The Argentina men's Junior national team also played a friendly match against Colombia at the Polideportivo Municipal in 2010.

1st Round:                                                         Pool A and Pool C will play in Almirante Brown