GRE / Greece - Team Composition

Team manager MANOLOPOULOS Georgios
Head coach DIMITRIADIS Ioakeim
Assistant coach BOUTSOURIS Nikolaos
Therapist / trainer PENTERIS Georgios
Journalist MANTZIOUKIS Georgios
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 Christos Stefanidis Stefanidis 18.01.1993 191 84 310 300 Iraklis SC
  2   Apostolos Averkiadis Averkiadis 22.03.1994 202 75 305 302 Pandramaikos SC
  3 Ioannis Skarlatidis Skarlatidis 26.05.1993 182 70 306 302 Orestiada SC
  4   Nikolaos Mavraganis Mavraganis 15.12.1993 198 82 322 315 Panahaiki SC
  5 Athanasios Protopsaltis Protopsaltis 12.09.1993 185 73 325 316 VfB Friedrichshafen
  6   Nikolaos Marmarinos Marmarinos 22.03.1993 184 74 325 316 Olympiakos SC
  7 Dimitrios Konstantinidis Konstantinidis 05.08.1993 185 73 299 284 Ethnikos Alexandroupolis
  8   Anestis Dalakouras Dalakouras 18.06.1993 196 82 307 328 SK AICH/DOB
  C 9 Menelaos Kokkinakis Kokkinakis 21.01.1993 193 79 325 305 OLYMPIACOS SC
  L 10   Dimitrios Zisis Zisis 02.04.1994 183 72 290 280 AO FOINIKAS SYROU
  11 Michail Liontas Liontas 30.04.1993 184 73 294 285 Panerythraikos SC
  12   Kasandros Stingas Stingas 29.11.1993 194 80 304 300 Apollon Kalamarias SC
  13 Dimitrios Chatzopoulos Chatzopoulos 23.03.1994 198 78 328 322 Ethnikos Alexandroupolis
  14   Georgios Tzioumakas Tzioumakas 23.01.1995 202 85 332 312 LPR Volley Piacenza
  15 Ioannis Madouras Madouras 19.02.1993 200 85 305 300 Koroivos SC
  16   Filippos Mantzios Mantzios 21.10.1994 194 85 320 312 Preveza SC
  17 Nikolaos Christofas Christofas 14.07.1993 195 86 324 318 Iraklis SC
  18   Rafail Koumentakis Koumentakis 05.05.1993 203 84 330 310 Cuprum Lubin
  19 Dimitrios Komitoudis Komitoudis 04.10.1995 190 78 325 305 Serres SC
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile



The Greek Youth Men` s National team which will participate in the Final Phase of the 2011 World Championship, was created in the summer of 2009.


The first training camp regarding the team` s athletes of this age, was realized in Lagada, Thessaloniki in July of 2009. During the Balkan Championships at the end of July 2009 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, the team on the basis of a program, played with athletes being two years younger than the ones that it could use and was ranked 6th.


This planning was proved to be right. After a series of gathering trainings in all Greek Regions and also friendly matches with other Greek teams of national categories and foreign national teams, the Youth Men` s team conquered the Gold medal in the following Balkan Championship of Bulgaria (once more in the city of Kazanlak – July 2010).


During their preparation for the qualification in the European Championship, our young athletes won the 1st position in the Christmas International Tournament held in Guadalajara, Spain in December 2010.


The initial goal, the qualification to the final phase of the European Championship, was accomplished by the attainment of the second position in the Qualification Pool of Steinbrunn, Austria (4-8 January 2011), where the Russian team won the first place.


The next goal was non other than the conquering of one of the privileged positions in the European Championship, position to ensure the team` s participation in the 2011 World Championship Final Phase.


Orestiada, Evros was the city which hosted both the Youth Men` s team preparation for the European Championship and the friendly matches with the respective teams of Bulgaria and Spain.


The hard work in Orestiada paid off with the conquering of the 6th position in the Youth Men` s European Championship organized in Ankara, Turkey, a fact which led our team to the Argentina World Championship Finals.


Youth Men` s Greek National team goes now for its next major goal:

The best possible performance in the World Championship Finals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the case that this goal is achieved, the Greek team shall be placed among the significant and most powerful teams in World Volleyball.
Coach profile




He was the Assistant coach of Youth and Junior National Team from October 2008 until August 2009 when the Junior Men’s National Team qualified to the Finals of the World Championship in India in August 2009.

In 2009, he was the Head Coach of the Youth Boys National Team and  participated with the team in the Balkan Championship in Bulgaria (Kazanlak) at the end of July 2009 where he played with athletes being two years younger than the ones that it could use and was ranked 6th.

In the Balkan Championship the next year which was held again in Kazanlak 27-31/7/2010  the team took the 1st place.

During the preparation for the qualification in the European Championship, he participated with the team in the Christmas International Tournament which was held in Guadalajara, Spain in December 2010 and won the 1st position.

He also participated with the team to the qualification round  of the European Championship in Austria (Steinbrunn) 4-8/1/2011 where the team took the 2nd place in the round and qualified to the finals of the World Championship in Turkey (Ankara).

In the final of European Championships in Turkey the team took the 6th place.

In August 2011 he will lead the team to the Finals of the World Championship in Argentina.