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Rezende reflects on an emotional victory
December 3, Tokyo: For Brazil coach Bernardo Rezendo, perfection and satisfaction are unreachable goals in a never-ending quest.
Less than one hour after his side had retained their World Championships crown with a masterclass to the rest of the watching world, Rezende was already thinking about his next challenge.
As his players danced with the trophy under a cascade of gold ticker tape, Rezende was deep in thought.
The weight of a nation's expectation has been lifted. But his own, it seems, has not.

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03.12.2006 "That's life" as Bulgarians watch on from the sidelines  
03.12.2006 Players bid farewell to Serbia and Montenegro  
03.12.2006 Soto lost for words at top scorer achievement  
02.12.2006 Blain ready to face Italy again  
02.12.2006 Happiness can wait, says Rezende  
01.12.2006 Canada and US coaches say it's "business as usual" for North American derby  
30.11.2006 No time for regrets for France and Antiga  
29.11.2006 ‘Picky’ picks USA for continental clash  
29.11.2006 Hoag raves over match-winner Mainville  
29.11.2006 USA coach hopes to poach Salmon back for final matches  
28.11.2006 De Cecco set for a bright future  
28.11.2006 Suxho hails American team spirit  
28.11.2006 Canadians not happy campers  
27.11.2006 Popular Puerto Rico are fighting for their lives  
27.11.2006 Gottsu fires up Japan  
27.11.2006 Just another Winters tale  
27.11.2006 A tall tale from Sendai  
27.11.2006 Guidara: This is the chance of a lifetime  
27.11.2006 Iron-eating Dehne hopes to get his chance for Germany  
27.11.2006 Caribbean king Sanchez is Cuba's future star, says coach  
27.11.2006 Suxho lives the American Dream  
27.11.2006 Sleepless nights for Nikolov and Bulgaria's opponents  
26.11.2006 Bulgarian dangermen shy away from the spotlight  
26.11.2006 Points make the difference, not sets, insists Lozano  
26.11.2006 Top spikers put mates before money  
26.11.2006 Americans must stay on top to survive, says Hoff  
25.11.2006 Spectacular Giba has great support crew  
25.11.2006 Giacobbe: Teamwork is key of Poland’s success  
25.11.2006 Exiga recovers to give Czechs headache  
25.11.2006 Grbic warns there are no tourists in second round  
25.11.2006 Soto-man flies high  
25.11.2006 Abramov happy to be back in Japan  
25.11.2006 Kaziyski happy to do his fighting out on the court  
24.11.2006 Czechs ready for tough task in Hiroshima  
24.11.2006 Reborn in the USA  
24.11.2006 No time to relax for Konstantinov and unbeaten Bulgarians  
24.11.2006 Life is sweet for Czech Lebl, but more challenges await in Hiroshima  
23.11.2006 Canada coach Hoag turns thoughts to tough Japan match  
23.11.2006 Coaches pay tribute to masterful Miljkovic  
23.11.2006 Garcia relishes leading Brazil's "Crazy Gang"  
23.11.2006 Germans gear up for real test  
23.11.2006 Greece and Australia bid farewell to Japan  
20.11.2006 Stayin’ alive in Pool A  
20.11.2006 Spike like an Egyptian  
20.11.2006 The star is the team  
20.11.2006 Being famous has its advantages – but so does not being famous.  
20.11.2006 Former Romanian Moculescu enjoys German dream  
16.11.2006 Uriarte targets top 8 for Argentina  
16.11.2006 Puerto Rico's men back in World Championships after 32 years  
15.11.2006 Brazil men's coach Rezende backs women to win title  
15.11.2006 France hoping to continue good form  
15.11.2006 German men inspired by women's passion  
14.11.2006 Head coaches looking for final effort  
14.11.2006 Points machine Darnel has 'gift from God', says Turkey coach  
14.11.2006 Greece coach aiming high  
14.11.2006 Pressure-free Aussies hoping to light up Fukuoka  
14.11.2006 Ze Roberto: Important for us to gain a medal  
13.11.2006 Tunisia ends World Championship preparations in Korea with a new look team  
13.11.2006 Guidetti eyes 2010 Championship  
13.11.2006 Azerbaijan coach smiling about the future  
13.11.2006 CEV chief praises Serbia and Montenegro  
12.11.2006 Italy coach Barbolini becomes main player on the world stage  
12.11.2006 Turkey ready to bounce back with ninth-place finish in their sights  
12.11.2006 Serbia and Montenegro see funny side of tie-break tension  
11.11.2006 Agca's tattoos will leave lasting impression  
11.11.2006 Turkey for Sunday, and then Doha for Korea  
11.11.2006 Cuba coach states case for the defence  
11.11.2006 Kim and Bae dream of golden future for Korea  
11.11.2006 Chinese Taipei keep cool head despite frenzy back home  
10.11.2006 Kenya to overhaul national women volleyball team after early World Championship elimination  
10.11.2006 Dutch aim to bring Azerbaijan back down to earth  
10.11.2006 Chinese coach hopes to rebound against Puerto Rico  
10.11.2006 Guidetti wants German players to shun celebrity life  
09.11.2006 Let's go Wang Jiao!  
08.11.2006 Egypt head to Thailand for the final preparations  
08.11.2006 Cuba provide 'service with a smile'  
08.11.2006 Chinese Taipei beaten at last, but still on course for Osaka  
07.11.2006 Puerto Rico facing tough battle in second round  
07.11.2006 Few chinks in Brazil game  
07.11.2006 Turkey hope to put injury troubles to one side in second round  
07.11.2006 Serbia and Montenegro go beyond Terzic's wildest dreams  
07.11.2006 Barbolini satisfied as Italy show patience  
07.11.2006 Calderon calls for consistency in second round  
07.11.2006 Garayev hoping for better fight from Azerbaijan  
07.11.2006 Klos happy to avoid Asians  
07.11.2006 Yanagimoto stays calm, despite medal mania  
07.11.2006 Korea coach wants young generation to grow in Nagoya  
02.11.2006 Australia Announces the Team to 2006 World Championships  
02.11.2006 Talent throughout seen in opening two days of Pool C games  
02.11.2006 China ready to steamroll Mexico  
02.11.2006 German coach Guidetti wants revenge over Russia's Caprara  
02.11.2006 Fratczak’s crackerjacks light up Poles  
02.11.2006 Azerbaijan and Dominican Republic eye first win  
02.11.2006 Selim looks to the future as Egypt draw positives  
02.11.2006 Djerisilo hopes to follow in footsteps of 1998 men after fairytale start for SCG  
02.11.2006 A rich experience for Chinese Taipei  
31.10.2006 We are in the toughest group, say Pool B head coaches  
31.10.2006 Kobe presser  
31.10.2006 Italy look to pull together to defend crown  
31.10.2006 Brazil coach Guimaraes again denies his team are favorites  
30.10.2006 FIVB President hopes for best World Championships ever  
30.10.2006 FIVB women's World Championships: Student to meet master in coaching clash  
30.10.2006 Chinese Taipei will be the first to enter Japan's den  
30.10.2006 Klos encounters of the Polish kind  
30.10.2006 Costa Rica ready to make volleyball history  
25.10.2006 China Announces the final Women’s Squad for World Championships  
25.10.2006 ‘We are not the favourites’, says Brazil coach  
24.10.2006 Tunisia named Final World Championship Squad  
23.10.2006 Chinese Women Team Ends Pre-Championship Preparations with Wins Over Poland  
22.10.2006 Kenya intensifies training for World Championship at Nakita in Japan  
22.10.2006 Iran's coach faces up to former club for World Championship preparations  
21.10.2006 Chinese Women Ace Player Dropped from National Team for Japan  
21.10.2006 Puerto Rico set for historic double participation at the Worlds  
19.10.2006 Egypt women head to Thailand to the final preparation camp  
14.10.2006 Egypt men lost two main players in the critical part of the preparations  
11.10.2006 Egypt names final Women's World Championship squad  
10.10.2006 Cuban coach is optimistic about his team's chances  
09.10.2006 Cuba training in Russia in preparation for World Championship  
07.10.2006 Iran Volleyball Team Goes to France in Preparing for World Championship  
02.10.2006 Top College Players Training with U.S. Men  
27.09.2006 Egypt starts active preparation for World Championship with full Squad  
23.09.2006 Kenya names final squad for 2006 World Championships  
16.09.2006 Kenyan coach plots how to beat Costa Rica and Chinese Taipei  
15.09.2006 Chinese Ace Player Zhao Ruirui Returns to National Team after Injuries  
09.09.2006 Cameroon Women started the active preparation for World Championship  
06.09.2006 Right attacker Khisa rejoins Kenyan camp after injury recovery  
22.08.2006 Kenya Drops Two Key Players from World Championships Team  
18.08.2006 Australia Ends World Championship Preparation Tour in Tunisia  
16.08.2006 New VFSCG 2006 World Championships pin promoted at reception held by Japanese ambassador  
15.08.2006 Chinese ace volleyball player expected to be back later this year  
09.08.2006 Australia Men’s National Team on Preparation Tour for World Championship  
09.08.2006 Saturday night fever for Japan-Korea  
08.08.2006 Poles pose major threat in Worlds  
30.07.2006 Puerto Rico beat Cuba for the men’s gold in Cartagena  
29.07.2006 Puerto Rico and Cuba will play for the men’s crown in Cartagena  
29.07.2006 Cuba and Puerto Rico will play for the men’s crown in Cartagena  
28.07.2006 Dominicans and Venezuelans join Final Four  
27.07.2006 Cuba and Puerto Rico are semi finalists in Colombia  
26.07.2006 Vujevic: World Championships will mark the end of an era  
26.07.2006 Dominicans won in five sets, Cubans and Puerto Ricans are also unbeaten in Colombia  
25.07.2006 TBS reveals galaxy of stars  
25.07.2006 Puerto Rico beat Venezuela in men’s play at Colombia  
23.07.2006 Chinese and German Women Teams Play Warm-Up Matches For World Championships  
22.07.2006 Dominican Annerys Vargas wins MVP trophy at Central American and Caribbean Games  
22.07.2006 Dominican Republic conquered the throne at Cartagena  
21.07.2006 100 day countdown to FIVB World Volleyball Championships starts today as tickets go on sale  
21.07.2006 Coup d’envoi aujourd’hui du compte à rebours de 100 jours jusqu’aux Championnats du monde de Volleyball FIVB avec la vente des billets  
21.07.2006 100 day countdown to FIVB World Volleyball Championships starts today as tickets go on sale  
21.07.2006 Cuba and Dominican Republic will play for the gold medal  
20.07.2006 Kenya Win 4-Nations Tournament in World Championship Preparation  
20.07.2006 Mexico and Puerto Rico complete the final four in Colombia  
19.07.2006 Dominican Republic and Cuba to semi finals in Colombia  
18.07.2006 Opening ceremony to mix East and West  
18.07.2006 Cuba and Dominican Republic are unbeaten in Colombia  
17.07.2006 Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and Colombia start with victories  
13.07.2006 Volleyball fest at Tokyo Dome City  
10.07.2006 Let's go...for half a million tickets!  
07.07.2006 Egypt Women start active preparation in Kenyan Tournament  
07.07.2006 Kenya picks 13 for Four Nations event  
06.07.2006 Red carpet welcome in Japan for FIVB inspector  
03.07.2006 Tunisia start preparations for World Championship in Italy without the experienced stars  
28.06.2006 Veteran Japanese coach Sugawara to lead Kenya to World Championship  
26.06.2006 Volleyball Team Australia levels with Iran Men’s Volleyball Team  
14.06.2006 Argentine national men's team reap the rewards from hard work and dedication  
06.06.2006 Coaches of Canada and USA are optimistic in Pan Am Cup  
06.06.2006 Chen Zhonghe On Chinese Women’s Team and World Championships  
06.06.2006 China Survive Two Match Points to Crown at International Women’s Volleyball  
06.06.2006 China Beat Cuba for Second Straight Win at International Women’s Volleyball  
06.06.2006 Kazakhstan Announces 18-Players Women Team for World Championship  
02.06.2006 Hall of Famer Ryskal inspires Azerbaijan's new generation  
02.06.2006 China, Cuba Win Openers at Beijing International Women’s Volleyball  
30.05.2006 Kenya Names Provisional Squad of 22 players  
29.05.2006 First international friendlies for Argentina  
29.05.2006 China Sweeps Cuba to win international tournament  
29.05.2006 China, Cuba to fight for the title at international tournament  
29.05.2006 China scared by Netherlands, Cuba Beats Russia at international tournament  
29.05.2006 China’s Women Team to Participate International Tourneys Preparing for World Championships  
23.05.2006 Bonitta plots Italy's World Championships defence  
18.05.2006 Cubans draw up World Championships challenge  
09.05.2006 Massive media interest for Japan's women's team  
02.05.2006 Kiwi McCutcheon pilots USA forward  
26.04.2006 Kenyan girls retain African title and now direct onslaught on World Championships  
20.04.2006 Interview with Germany’s new women’s team coach, Giovanni Guidetti  
18.04.2006 Hoag asks for patience and courage  
18.04.2006 Q & A with the head coach of Bulgaria, Martin Stoev, for the men's World Championships in Japan  
12.04.2006 Chinese Women's team in hard training for World Championships  
06.04.2006 Hoag Takes Over Helm of Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team  
06.04.2006 Glenn Hoag prend charge de l’équipe nationale senior masculine du Canada  
05.04.2006 Q & A with the head coach of the Australian men's national team, Russell Borgeaud  
05.04.2006 Volleyball Corner attracts 25 million TBS viewers  
31.03.2006 Puerto Rico’s Women to begin training for Japan  
29.03.2006 Argentines face hectic year  
29.03.2006 Top rookie Ishijima earns call-up for Japan's national squad  
27.03.2006 Kurihara returns to Japan squad  
23.03.2006 Kenya hires Japanese coach to prepare national team for World Championships  
23.03.2006 Germany’s women’s coach Hee Wan Lee resigns  
20.03.2006 China announces men's squad for World Championships  
09.03.2006 Japan announces provisional men's squad  
06.03.2006 National teams to attend training camps in Japan  
14.02.2006 China Names National Women’s Team For World Championships  
01.02.2006 The reigning Grand Champions prepare for the 2006 World Championships  
01.02.2006 Interview with Argentina's new men's national coach Jon Uriarte  
29.11.2005 Rivals drawn for world champions Brazil and Italy  
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