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2006 Volleyball World Championships 




List of events

Gender   Round   Confed.   Pool   Start date   End date   City     Country   Participants  
Men  CAVB   A   01.02.2005  03.02.2005  Khartoum   Sudan   Sudan, Ghana, Uganda, Eritrea  
Women  CAVB   A   17.03.2005  19.03.2005  Cairo   Egypt   Egypt, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa  
Men  CAVB   D   24.03.2005  26.03.2005  Cairo   Egypt   Egypt, Cameroon, Dem/ Rep/ of Congo, Sudan (1st A)  
Men  CAVB   B   08.04.2005  10.04.2005  Durban   South Africa   South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius  
Women  CAVB   C   22.04.2005  24.04.2005  Vacoas   Mauritius   Mauritius, Tunisia, Cameroon, Uganda  
Women  CAVB   B   20.07.2005  24.07.2005  Nairobi   Kenya   Kenya, Algeria, Dem/ Rep/ of Congo, Congo, Eritrea  
Men  CAVB   C   26.07.2005  30.07.2005  Tunis   Tunisia   Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa (1st B)  
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