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Men's Olympic Qualification Tournament - Press Info

Press conference

Poland beat Venezuela 3-0 (25-21, 26-24, 25-22) - duration 1:28
21-May, start time: 18:00, end time: 19:28 - Attendance: 300
That was a very important first game to win for Poland. Usually we are nervous in our first match but we started very calm and the players followed my instructions and tactics very well. Venezuela also played very well and that makes our victory even more satisfying.

Head Coach, Poland

Congratulations to the Polish team, it was a very significant for them to win this first game if they are going to win this event. They were very well drilled, especially in the first set.
It was very important for us to win our first game to stand a chance of Olympic qualification. The other teams here this week are also very strong so it is going to be very difficult for us now to reach Athens. But we will continue to try our best.

Head Coach, Venezuela

I think we started a little bit nervous but then we did well in our service and blocking, We stopped Venezuela's attacks well in the first and second sets and controlled the ends of the sets well, except for the second.

Captain, Poland

Congratulations to Poland, they played very well. Their service and their blocking was especially good. That was the main difference between the two teams today. Good luck to them for the remainder of the tournament.

Captain, Venezuela