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  Lausanne, Switzerland, August 8, 2013 – After six weeks of intense volleyball action during the Intercontinental Round of the 2013 FIVB World League, six teams advanced to the Final in Mar del Plata (Argentina) with Russia emerging as the winner in the final hour of the competition.

08.08.2013 12:17:44   VolleyWorld relives the action of the 2013 FIVB World League

23.07.2013 16:18:29   The start of an era
22.07.2013 21:36:55   Canada jumps in rankings after World League performance
22.07.2013 04:29:34   Every point was made of gold - Spiridonov
22.07.2013 01:04:42   We were surprised by Vettori - Sokolov
22.07.2013 00:21:20   Young Vettori makes a point as Italy win bronze
21.07.2013 23:36:45   Russia become three-time World League champions
21.07.2013 23:12:03   Russia beat Brazil in straight sets to claim third World League title
21.07.2013 20:17:40   Same Olympic matches, different World League teams
21.07.2013 19:17:47   Vettori leads Italy to bronze on Finals debut
21.07.2013 15:56:08   A World League Finals battle of Olympic proportions
21.07.2013 04:36:53   Russia and Brazil to meet in final after semis success
21.07.2013 04:11:59   We have to change our mentality - Aleksiev
21.07.2013 04:00:24   Isac says everything went to plan as Brazil move into another World League final
21.07.2013 03:27:50   Brazil too good for Bulgaria as they advance to 13th final
20.07.2013 23:59:59   Top scorer Pavlov points to fitness as the key to victory
20.07.2013 23:51:11   Berruto proud of Italy's heart
20.07.2013 23:50:23   Russia beat Italy in four to book final spot
20.07.2013 20:11:51   How serve and spike control can decide the semifinals
20.07.2013 15:38:38   Final-four set to battle at World League Finals
20.07.2013 04:29:59   Semifinals set with Italy to play Russia and Brazil taking on Bulgaria
20.07.2013 03:44:49   Surprise achievement makes Savani very happy
20.07.2013 03:26:22   Italy through to semifinals with Argentina victory
19.07.2013 23:58:51   There are no easy teams in the World League - Wallace
19.07.2013 23:19:41   Brazil into semis as Canada's dream run comes to a close
19.07.2013 20:25:22   Challenge system makes its World League Finals debut
19.07.2013 17:49:53   Serving affected South America's top two in opening round
19.07.2013 16:20:13   Upping the ante on day 3 of the World League Finals
19.07.2013 05:13:54   Canada pull off shock win over Russia, Italy too good for Bulgaria
19.07.2013 04:40:25   Heart the key to victory says Travica
19.07.2013 04:28:50   Italy too good for Bulgaria
19.07.2013 02:12:42   "We can do much better" - Hoag
19.07.2013 01:47:13   Canada claim historic Russia win to open up Pool E
18.07.2013 17:10:01   Competition set to get stiffer on day 2 of World League Finals
18.07.2013 09:17:10   Russia and Bulgaria beat Brazil and Argentina respectively on day one
18.07.2013 05:07:48   Every match is hard - Sokolov
18.07.2013 04:53:43   Bulgaria continue winning streak against Argentina
18.07.2013 02:29:16   Russia served really well in the last two sets - Lucas
18.07.2013 02:08:04   Russia beat Brazil in another five set thriller
17.07.2013 21:54:17   Canada's Hoag says Brazil favourites for title number 10
17.07.2013 21:51:34   Fascinating numbers behind World League Intercontinental Round
17.07.2013 11:35:34   “This time Brazil won’t lose” – Andrea Zorzi
17.07.2013 04:26:18   World League Finals provide boost to Italy's new era
16.07.2013 16:36:17   Tough battle ahead for hosts in World League Finals
15.07.2013 18:29:02   Top level action guaranteed at World League Finals
15.07.2013 17:05:47   2013 World League Finals match schedule
15.07.2013 15:50:18   The big three from 2012 come up short
14.07.2013 19:04:17   FIVB World League Finals teams confirmed with USA defeat
14.07.2013 19:04:17   Brazil leads the way to World League Finals
14.07.2013 18:08:20   Brazil’s coach: 'We have a tough pool in the Finals'
14.07.2013 16:27:34   Brazil defeats USA in the last match before the Finals
13.07.2013 23:21:53   It was a match with two faces: Bulgaria coach
13.07.2013 22:48:57   Iran's captain: 'Germany’s team showed a difference game'
13.07.2013 22:44:59   Germany, Iran end World League with German comeback
13.07.2013 22:35:54   Bulgaria show they merit Finals berth with dramatic win over Poland
13.07.2013 18:54:51   USA's Anderson: 'We have no chances to qualify to the Finals, but we’ll play with proud for our country.'
13.07.2013 17:12:12   Brazil finish top of Pool A after defeating USA
13.07.2013 00:23:39   Germany out, Bulgaria still hopes for spot in FIVB World League Finals
12.07.2013 22:32:53   Iran played their best game ever - Heynen
12.07.2013 22:14:44   Iran's win over Germany puts Russia through
12.07.2013 21:25:06   Bulgaria's coach: This was only a small step, the big one is to come Saturday
12.07.2013 20:36:48   Bulgaria stays in the match to get another shot at Finals
12.07.2013 16:32:00   Italian players welcomed by Prime Minister Enrico Letta
12.07.2013 15:00:11   Stats point to tight race for last two spots in World League Finals
11.07.2013 16:14:07   'Match of the week' features Brazil and the USA
10.07.2013 21:05:12   USA has last chance against qualified Brazil
10.07.2013 14:49:09   Week 7: Dramatic finale decides destination of last two Finals tickets
08.07.2013 06:14:30   Canada secures place in World League finals, Korea and France take double wins
08.07.2013 03:33:21   'I'm very proud of my players,' says French coach Laurent Tillie
08.07.2013 02:59:33   France ends World League with win against Argentina
07.07.2013 23:36:13   USA coach: 'We have to serve better, we have to pass the ball better and we have to keep working hard until we do.'
07.07.2013 23:24:08   Korea captain: 'We deserved to win since we prepared very well'
07.07.2013 23:12:08   Korea beats Portugal, secures spot at 2014 World League
07.07.2013 22:58:58   Travica: 'Serbia changed their line-up, they played well'
07.07.2013 22:57:13   Serbia says goodbye with victory against Italy
07.07.2013 11:00:44   We kept focus and took the initiative, says Canada coach Hoag
07.07.2013 09:48:51   Canada beat Japan to seal spot in World League Finals
07.07.2013 05:35:44   Winning only one match was sad: Orlando Samuels
07.07.2013 05:01:23   No happy end for Cuba: Iran wins for second night in a row
07.07.2013 04:09:56   We came here for three points: French captain Benjamin Toniutti
07.07.2013 03:29:55   France earns hard-fought victory over Argentina in Salta
07.07.2013 01:38:26   Finals set for some World League teams, Serbia officially out
06.07.2013 23:49:00   Russia's coach: 'Germany didn’t win the game, rather we lost it'
06.07.2013 23:44:14   All in the open
06.07.2013 23:26:19   Italy search for Final's qualification with win
06.07.2013 23:23:36   Serbia's coach: 'It was a tough and interesting match.'
06.07.2013 23:21:52   Serbia loses place in World League finals after loss to Italy
06.07.2013 23:16:35   Korea and Portugal continue battle for third place in Pool C
06.07.2013 23:00:25   Korea defeats Portugal 3-1 at World League
06.07.2013 22:55:29   Germany wins five-set thriller against Russia
06.07.2013 21:30:45   The Netherlands' coach thinks chance for finals is gone
06.07.2013 21:09:30   Finland beat the Netherlands, fights for spot in World League finals
06.07.2013 18:23:06   Bulgaria's coach: 'Today Brazil was the team we know'
06.07.2013 17:05:03   Brazil continue pool A dominance with second win over Bulgaria
06.07.2013 10:48:33   Hoag says Japan made it a battle after slow start
06.07.2013 09:15:49   Canada down Japan to keep Finals hopes alive
06.07.2013 06:43:49   Russia, Iran and Poland lead day of big comebacks
06.07.2013 06:02:50   Iran coach: I told my players to enjoy the moment and the victory came
06.07.2013 05:19:31   Iran beat Cuba after dropping first two sets
05.07.2013 23:52:58   USA's coach: 'In bad moments I tell my players to keep their heads high'
05.07.2013 23:23:05   Russian Captain Makarov: 'It was a big step today'
05.07.2013 23:09:14   Russia beats a strong German team 3-2
05.07.2013 23:01:52   Poland beat USA after a thrilling five sets
05.07.2013 21:27:24   Confidence carries The Netherlands toward the finals
05.07.2013 21:15:11   World League - FIVB increases spectator experience with new Challenge System
05.07.2013 21:05:09   The Netherlands downs Finland, continues at the top
05.07.2013 18:21:52   Brazil’s coach: “The errors made the difference in the match”
05.07.2013 17:02:01   Brazil come back to beat Bulgaria and go top of Pool A
05.07.2013 11:29:24   Canada concentrating on Japan, hoping for help to make Finals
05.07.2013 01:18:31   Cuba versus Iran: battle of young titans in Havana
04.07.2013 20:06:34   Portugal set to defend third place in Pool C
04.07.2013 16:54:21   'Match of the Week' to feature Serbia and Italy
04.07.2013 16:41:29   Stats predict closely contested matches in push to World League finals
03.07.2013 22:17:55   Iran coach says “Playing against Cuba is always an honour”
03.07.2013 20:52:26   Brazil and Bulgaria ready to clash for the leadership of Pool A
03.07.2013 15:20:39   Finland hoping to finish on a high note this weekend
03.07.2013 14:44:53   Week six: High drama on pivotal weekend
03.07.2013 13:24:34   Old friends in a decisive clash
03.07.2013 12:55:34   “We have the chance to reach the final round” – Vital Heynan
03.07.2013 06:12:13   Final showdown for Argentina and France in Salta
01.07.2013 01:52:05   World League week five ends with wins for Korea, Serbia, Italy, Netherlands, Japan
30.06.2013 23:46:48   Japan achieves third victory
30.06.2013 23:23:42   Serbians relieved after first win at home
30.06.2013 23:19:52   Serbia overpowers resilient Germans
30.06.2013 23:14:49   Italy's coach: "We were able to redeem ourselves"
30.06.2013 23:10:03   Italy redeems itself with victory against Iran
30.06.2013 23:01:51   Weber: "We have to learn how to play as well for longer than one hour."
30.06.2013 22:59:32   Japan more confident and decisive in match against Portugal
30.06.2013 22:37:54   Poland earns a second victory over Argentina
30.06.2013 10:40:47   Netherlands claim another 3-1 victory over Korea
30.06.2013 10:18:54   Netherlands captain says : It was a very tough and long match with Korea
30.06.2013 07:35:29   Cuba pick up first win; Brazil handed first loss in World League
30.06.2013 07:23:26   Matt Anderson: Bulgaria came back with fire
30.06.2013 06:42:32   Bulgaria rebounds with 3-1 victory over USA
30.06.2013 05:43:52   Cuba coach Samuels: This was definitely our best game
30.06.2013 05:06:02   The 'curse' is over; Cuba defeat Russia for first win
29.06.2013 23:51:46   Portugal coach: “Tomorrow´s match will be without a doubt an excellent volleyball exhibition for the public."
29.06.2013 23:20:03   Joao Jose: "The third set was crucial since it gave us confidence."
29.06.2013 22:57:55   Must win for Serbia
29.06.2013 22:54:26   Germany coach Vital Heynen: "We played our best game in this year's World League"
29.06.2013 22:52:23   Germany surprises Serbia in Belgrade
29.06.2013 22:46:56   Portugal triumph in front of home fans
29.06.2013 21:40:31   Canada's captain: 'These are the two best games we have put together'
29.06.2013 20:28:00   Canada wins six matches in single World League season for first time with Finland win
29.06.2013 19:07:10   France's coach: 'It was a fantastic experience here'
29.06.2013 17:49:02   Stats show tough battles ahead in fifth week of World League
29.06.2013 17:17:22   France ends Brazil's perfect World League run
29.06.2013 10:46:18   Netherlands defeat Korea 3-1 despite service problems
29.06.2013 10:31:18   Netherlands' height advantage factor in win against Korea
29.06.2013 07:53:51   Iran beats Italy, while Poland claim first win in World League
29.06.2013 07:04:21   Todor Aleksiev: The problem was in our attack
29.06.2013 06:12:24   USA hands Bulgaria first pool play loss in World League
29.06.2013 05:14:49   Russia’s coach: “Cuba will be better tomorrow”
29.06.2013 04:34:37   Russia's sweep condemns Cuba to seventh straight loss in World League
28.06.2013 23:34:28   Brazil faces France to remain unbeaten
28.06.2013 23:33:03   Poland's head coach: 'tonight was a turning point for us'
28.06.2013 23:13:25   Iran: 'We won a memorable match for our country'
28.06.2013 23:09:34   Iran beats Italy to gain second World League victory
28.06.2013 23:04:13   Poland claim first victory in the 2013 World League
28.06.2013 21:21:15   Canada's captain: 'Our goal to reach the final round is still very much alive'
28.06.2013 21:03:17   Canada beats Finland for Pool C lead at World League
28.06.2013 18:26:04   Brazil's Bruno Rezende: “We showed that we have a team.”
28.06.2013 17:33:06   Brazil edge past France 3-2 in exciting World League match
27.06.2013 20:10:51   Portugal goes up against Japan in Pool C
27.06.2013 15:55:07   Poland, Argentina battle to survive World League
27.06.2013 14:41:07   Cuba, Russia featured in live 'Match of the Week'
26.06.2013 21:42:45   Cuba against Russia: Mission Impossible in Havana?
26.06.2013 20:10:42   First encounters of Serbia and Germany in World League
26.06.2013 15:22:37   Brazil plays first home match of 2013 World League
26.06.2013 12:20:03   World League Week 5 - Two unbeaten records on the line
26.06.2013 10:59:58   Bulgaria storms into Reno to play USA
23.06.2013 22:17:27   World League Week Four includes special win for Iran
23.06.2013 22:01:24   Bulgaria clinch Pool A with Argentina scalp
23.06.2013 21:57:22   Benjamin Toniutti: "We both played an extremely good game"
23.06.2013 21:54:15   Argentina coach Javier Weber: "we succeeded in improving our game"
23.06.2013 21:44:59   France beat Poland in five sets for a clean sweep
23.06.2013 19:48:46   Germany's coach: "Today we were on the lucky side"
23.06.2013 19:23:07   Germany defeats Cuba 3-1 at World League
23.06.2013 19:06:14   Iran's coach: The win is a glory for us
23.06.2013 19:02:36   Iran gets first World League win by beating Serbia
23.06.2013 17:01:04   Dutch coach praises team's conviction after win over Portugal
23.06.2013 16:17:15   Netherlands top pool C after beating Portugal in straight sets
22.06.2013 23:06:37   Germany finds win at World League, Russia recovers from loss
22.06.2013 21:24:55   Argentina's coach: It was terrible day for Argentina
22.06.2013 21:09:28   Germany's coach: 'The serve-passing game made the difference'
22.06.2013 20:38:52   Germany celebrates first victory at World League
22.06.2013 20:36:23   Bulgaria sweeps Argentina at World League
22.06.2013 20:22:37   Flavio Gulinelli: "We won, but not with our best play"
22.06.2013 19:27:40   Portugal defeats the Netherlands in five sets
22.06.2013 18:12:28   "We could have won in the third set, but we relaxed too early," said Russian captain Sergey Makarov
22.06.2013 17:47:41   Russia beat Italy 3-2 in dramatic World League clash
21.06.2013 23:55:45   Undefeated Russia falls to Italy in first match of week four
21.06.2013 23:31:40   Laurent Tillie: "It was a mental victory"
21.06.2013 23:18:17   France defeats Poland to clinch its first victory
21.06.2013 22:17:28   We lost to the experience of Serbia - Marouf
21.06.2013 19:17:22   Iran loses World Leage home game to Serbia
21.06.2013 17:44:26   We fought well, says victorious Italian coach Berruto Mauro
21.06.2013 17:40:05   Italy defeat Russia 3-1 in Surgut
21.06.2013 12:52:41   Bulgaria host Argentina in World League Match of the Week
21.06.2013 05:16:59   Velasco eyes first Iran win in Tehran
21.06.2013 04:35:48   Winless teams to find victory at World League week four
20.06.2013 13:53:23   “Serbia will play even better in the coming weeks” – Grbic
20.06.2013 11:53:52   Portugal prepares to take on the Netherlands
19.06.2013 13:30:17   Germany looking for their first World League victory
19.06.2013 12:49:40   France thinking positive as it takes on World League champions Poland
19.06.2013 11:45:08   The Netherlands looking to top Pool C
19.06.2013 11:18:33   World League Week 4 - Showdown in Siberia while defending champions look to bounce back
17.06.2013 09:27:46   Italy, Russia and Brazil lead the way at end of World League Week Three
16.06.2013 22:29:09   'Now we are ready for the difficult matches' says Italy's captain
16.06.2013 22:03:16   Italians get fourth win at World League
16.06.2013 09:39:01   Finland captain Siltala: Japan played really wisely, hit really hard
16.06.2013 08:37:15   Fukuzawa leads Japan to comeback win against Finland
16.06.2013 05:41:07   Speraw: France has capacity to be a great team
16.06.2013 05:33:10   Week three winners stay strong at World League
16.06.2013 04:47:30   Team USA needs five sets to defeat France
16.06.2013 04:07:28   Brazil's Bruno Rezende: 'We were better in closing the sets'
16.06.2013 03:49:55   Canada gets second win against Korea at World League
16.06.2013 03:24:46   Canada's captain: 'We were firing on all cylinders'
16.06.2013 03:20:13   Brazil extends winning streak over Argentina
15.06.2013 20:44:13   "The players have a great will to play and win," said Andrey Voronkov
15.06.2013 20:22:50   Russia pulls out five-set victory over Serbia
15.06.2013 09:46:40   Japan Coach Sato: It's nice to get that first win under our belts
15.06.2013 08:34:42   Japan beats Finland for first home win under coach Gary Sato
15.06.2013 05:01:36   World League week three begins with full 3-0 sweeps
15.06.2013 04:39:16   Toniutti: We were physically dominated by the U.S. team
15.06.2013 03:45:09   USA hands France 3-0 loss
15.06.2013 03:39:58   Brazil's coach has 'great expectations for this World League'
15.06.2013 03:25:58   Korea’s coach: 'We were technically weak'
15.06.2013 03:15:08   Canada overpowers Korea in Pool C play
15.06.2013 03:03:10   Brazil proves too powerful for Argentina at World League
14.06.2013 22:45:29   Italy's coach: 'I'm really happy'
14.06.2013 22:06:13   Italy too good for Cuba in straight sets
14.06.2013 19:45:50   It was our worst match for two years, says defeated Serb captain
14.06.2013 19:42:45   Russia thrill home fans with whitewash of Serbia
14.06.2013 17:00:22   Italy hoping for more home wins this weekend
14.06.2013 12:23:00   Russia and Serbia face-off in Kaliningrad once again
14.06.2013 11:18:27   World League Calendar updates for Weeks 3 & 6
14.06.2013 11:02:05   Japan prepares to host Finland in first home game
14.06.2013 02:15:24   Canada and Korea go head-to-head in World League
13.06.2013 21:20:58   Stats predict difficult match for undefeated teams at World League
13.06.2013 20:31:16   Russia, Serbia game aired live for “Match of the Week”
13.06.2013 12:00:00   Brazil on track to win World League title - Gustavo
12.06.2013 12:23:48   Tough test for Olympic champions in World League Week 3
12.06.2013 07:12:56   Mendoza expecting full house for Argentina-Brazil match
12.06.2013 02:18:47   USA and France meet again in World League
10.06.2013 10:06:13   Brazil beat Poland twice as World League Pools A & B begin
09.06.2013 23:57:14   Anastasi: "We are not in the best shape yet, but we are on our way there."
09.06.2013 23:17:26   Poland unable to stop the Brazilian power in five sets
09.06.2013 21:55:13   Italy overcome Germany 3-2
09.06.2013 21:50:06   Berruto: "I think all of this is necessary in our growing-up process as a team"
09.06.2013 21:17:11   "I asked to my players to take more risks on serve" - Placi
09.06.2013 21:01:55   Bulgaria beat France again in three straight sets
09.06.2013 16:33:21   Edwin Benne: “We showed consistent play six sets in a row”
09.06.2013 15:18:46   Dutch maintain unbeaten WL record against Japan
09.06.2013 10:58:53   Sammelvuo applauds Korean team's efforts in five-set match
09.06.2013 10:49:35   Finland make last minute surge to rally past Korea in tiebreaker
09.06.2013 07:19:28   We knew it was going to be a hard match: Serbian coach.
09.06.2013 05:40:00   Serbia collect six points from weekend in Cuba
09.06.2013 05:30:06   Russia, Serbia stay undefeated in FIVB World League
09.06.2013 04:49:09   Speraw: Second-set win was important for us
09.06.2013 04:14:26   Speraw wins first match as USA head coach
09.06.2013 03:52:35   Portugal controlled the entire match: Hoag
09.06.2013 03:23:27   Portugal beat Canada 3-1 for second win in World League
08.06.2013 20:06:55   Benne: "We could only win using our own forces"
08.06.2013 20:01:18   Russia's coach: "We don't expect to win every match 3-0"
08.06.2013 19:42:30   Netherlands: "It wasn't easy to play against Japan"
08.06.2013 19:39:54   Russia clinch second victory over Iran
08.06.2013 18:53:42   Second World League win for the Netherlands
08.06.2013 18:53:10   "Match of the Week" features Poland and Brazil
08.06.2013 10:02:56   Finland overpower Korea in straight sets
08.06.2013 09:59:15   Finland demonstrate strong teamwork on defence against Korea
08.06.2013 06:49:34   Argentina, Serbia come up with big wins in second week of World League
08.06.2013 06:14:42   Cuba gets ready to avenge first-day loss against Serbia in Pool B
08.06.2013 05:49:35   'Tomorrow we will play better,' Cuba coach Samuels says
08.06.2013 04:59:22   I respect Argentina's style of play: USA coach Speraw
08.06.2013 04:56:35   Serbia take opener against Cuba 3-1 in Havana
08.06.2013 04:14:31   Argentina open World League with tough victory over USA
08.06.2013 03:19:32   We made very few mistakes: Canada captain
08.06.2013 03:17:04   Canada power to 3-0 victory over Portugal in World League
08.06.2013 00:06:02   Bulgaria beat France in five-set World League match
07.06.2013 23:20:43   "Happy with the result" - Bulgaria coach Placi



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