FIVB - Women's Volleyball World Cup 2011

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French pick up shock win over USA

Ngapeth Earvin efforts in both attack and defence helped France pick up an unexpected win over USA in Italy on Friday

Florence, Italy, May 18, 2012 - France began their 2012 FIVB Volleyball World League campaign in fine style with a surprise 3-1 (17-25, 25-20, 26-24, 25-17) win over Olympic champions USA as Pool C kicked off in Florence, Italy on Friday.

USA started the match well with good offense and a far superior block. The American players took the lead until the second technical time out thanks to great spiking, gradually building up an eight-point gap. Three French substitutions were useless as Matthew Anderson continued to pile on the pressure to take a 1-0 lead.

The second set started as the first had ended as the United States went into the first technical timeout with an 8-5 lead. But from their the French hitters woke up, finding consistency in their attacks to bring the scores level at one apiece.

The third set was a much more balanced affair, with both side's reception working well as errors started to creep in on both sides of the net. However France managed to remain the more focused of the two as good play by Earvin Ngapeth led the team to a 26-24 victory.

Winning two sets in a row seemed to invigorate "les bleus" as they took a quick lead at 9-4. Philippe Blain's side steadily built this, at one point creating a 10-point gap at 21-11. A very soft block by Ngapeth closed the set at 25-17 and gave France the victory.

Clayton Stanley topped the scorers with 17 points for USA while Marien Moreau and Earvin Ngapeth topped the charts for France with 16.

“We started the game well, but after the first set we felt asleep. In some way we blush with shame” American captain Stanley Calyton said. 

“We couldn’t follow our technical plan, but we make a lot of mistakes in reception”, US coach Alan Knipe agreed. “Definitely we weren’t focused on the match."

“Just 2 words: good job! The match started bad, but point after point we built our self-esteem,” Pierre Pujol, captain of France commented. 

“I’m happy because the changes I made during the second set helped us to turn the tables on” the French mentor Philippe Blain stated. “Actually, I can say we played well, with Marien Moreau above all."

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Semifinalists confirmed at World League Finals

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A great performance by USA

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Flawless defence puts USA through to victory against Bulgaria

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Poland and Cuba waiting to find out their opponents

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Poland too good for Cuba to clinch Pool F top spot

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Andrea Zorzi: Poland and Cuba are the favorites to make it to the final

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We hope to make Bulgaria smile - Naydenov

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Brazil knocked out of World League semifinal race

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Great spectacle with two teams edging for the victory

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Germany frustrate USA

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Poland to improve in the Finals

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Superb Poland send Brazil home

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FIVB Heroes to star for volleyball in London

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Bernardo Rezende: The World League winner will gain more confidence for the Olympics

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Alan Knipe: Every team has a different set of plans for the World League

05.07.2012 16:26:58
Vital Heynen: My personal favorite is Cuba

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Andrea Anastasi: I love my team

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It’s a joy working with the youth - Samuels

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Brazil’s semifinal chances slim - Zorzi

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Cuba shock Brazil as Bulgaria hold off Germany

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Bulgaria clinch crucial opening win

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Disappointment for Germany, pride for Bulgaria

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Serve and attack helped us win - Cuba

04.07.2012 18:48:11
Cuba stun Brazil in straight sets

04.07.2012 16:08:16
There’s no pressure on Brazil - Rezende

04.07.2012 14:45:52
Bulgaria-Germany match key semifinal decider – Zorzi

04.07.2012 11:11:23
It’s a great learning experience - Heynen

03.07.2012 16:40:07
Sofia welcomes World League Finalists as Brazil cites group of death

02.07.2012 12:18:50
World League Finals schedule released

02.07.2012 06:09:15
USA rally past Italy 3-2 to secure last spot in World League Finals

02.07.2012 05:30:18
Berruto: USA deserved to win

02.07.2012 05:05:54
USA clinch Pool C with five-set win over Italy

02.07.2012 01:55:42
I am proud for these three days: French captain

02.07.2012 01:28:45
France gets job done with sweep of Korea

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German luck the key to victory

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Germany end Intercontinental Round on a high

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Coach impressed with Argentine youngsters

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Portugal seal first points but go down to Argentina

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Germany clinch place in Finals; France beat USA to stay alive

01.07.2012 05:44:31
Stanley: 'At the beginning, it was ugly on our side'

01.07.2012 05:13:42
France stays alive in Pool C with five-set win over United States

01.07.2012 03:00:25
Berruto: 'We are still moving on our rollercoaster'

01.07.2012 02:22:18
Italy battles to overcome Korea in five sets

30.06.2012 23:17:11
Battle for glory between Serbia and Russia in Novi Sad, both teams are winners

30.06.2012 23:15:10
Serbia and Russia treat fans to volleyball thriller in Novi Sad

30.06.2012 22:50:19
Bulgaria coach eager to make up for mistakes

30.06.2012 22:11:59
Bulgaria see off determined Argentina

30.06.2012 19:35:45
Cuba captain Leon ready for Finals

30.06.2012 19:33:23
Cuba see off Japan in easy win

30.06.2012 18:55:49
Last chance for Portugal to pick up points

30.06.2012 18:44:45
German coach ecstatic with win

30.06.2012 18:10:17
Germany qualify for first World League Finals

30.06.2012 06:21:21
Brazil qualify for Finals after France drop point against Italy

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U.S. coach, captain see room for improvement after win over Korea

30.06.2012 04:50:21
U.S. fights off Korea to maintain lead in Pool C

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Philippe Blain: 'We won a very important match'

30.06.2012 02:40:48
France pull out five-set victory over Italy

29.06.2012 22:59:05
Two set hunt for Germany

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Bulgaria survive early scare to beat Portugal

29.06.2012 22:41:26
Portugal victim of own mistakes

29.06.2012 22:04:04
Serbia happy with quick victory, Japan disappointed

29.06.2012 22:01:46
Serbia pick up easy win over Japan

29.06.2012 19:52:53
Cuba and Russia happy with match

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Russia and Cuba put on volleyball spectacle in Novi Sad

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Important step for Germany, more experience for Argentina

29.06.2012 18:58:20
Germany a point away from Finals

29.06.2012 16:18:04
New hopes for Bulgaria, historical goal for Germany

28.06.2012 22:04:56
Cuba book ticket to World League Finals as they top Pool A

28.06.2012 21:22:22
Serbia and Cuba exhausted after five-set epic

28.06.2012 21:18:28
Cuba seal place in Finals with victory over Serbia

28.06.2012 17:56:33
Both teams satisfied with the result

28.06.2012 17:54:06
Russia seal five-set win over brave Japan

28.06.2012 13:23:29
Cuba aiming for World League Finals in Bulgaria

27.06.2012 17:40:28
FIVB Volleyball World League Intercontinental Round set for explosive finale

24.06.2012 21:22:41
USA, Cuba, Germany stay top of their groups in 2012 World League

24.06.2012 21:16:47
Portugal lacked “maturity”

24.06.2012 21:11:22
Russia coach Vladimir Alekno says he has food for thought

24.06.2012 20:42:58
Argentina weekend end on a high with win over Portugal

24.06.2012 20:32:39
Cuba shut Russia down with four set win

24.06.2012 18:27:28
"We used different methods at the match, but we lost" - said Tatsuya Ueta

24.06.2012 18:21:30
Vital Heynen: "We are very close to making history"

24.06.2012 18:00:36
Serbia end third round with win over Japan

24.06.2012 17:34:21
Germany move step closer to Sofia

24.06.2012 11:52:51
France overcome Italy 3-0 in Pool C match in Gwangju

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The goddess of victory shunned our team today: Italy coach

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USA breeze past Korea with 3-0 victory in Gwangju

24.06.2012 09:28:08
It was an almost perfect game: USA Captain

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USA edge ahead while Cuba continue good run of form in 2012 World League

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Kolakovic: "We had problems with counterattack"

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Pool D control on the minds of Germany and Bulgaria

23.06.2012 21:58:56
Russia beat Serbia in front of 5,000 fans

23.06.2012 21:12:59
Sokolov: “Now we can think about tomorrow’s match”

23.06.2012 20:50:19
Bulgaria steal straight sets win

23.06.2012 18:05:28
We feel disappointed says Japanese captain

23.06.2012 18:00:27
Vital Heynen “We are getting closer and closer to the final"

23.06.2012 17:41:43
Cuba finish off Japan with 3-1 victory

23.06.2012 17:36:34
Germany stays ahead in in Pool D

23.06.2012 12:38:00
United States forge ahead in Pool C after beating France

23.06.2012 12:35:20
This was our worst match in this year's World League: French coach

23.06.2012 10:30:23
Italy have their work cut out in thrilling five-set win over Korea

23.06.2012 10:25:51
It is always hard to beat Korea: Italy coach Montagnani

22.06.2012 21:38:09
Cuba seal sixth win as World League continues

22.06.2012 21:05:47
Germany pleased with their performance

22.06.2012 20:56:15
Vladimir Alekno: We need to improve our serve

22.06.2012 20:39:33
Germany seal easy win over Portugal

22.06.2012 20:38:44
Russian hold off Japan with brilliant straight sets win

22.06.2012 18:59:27
Bulgarians hold off Argentinean charge

22.06.2012 18:26:52
Bulgaria edge Argentina in thriller

22.06.2012 18:06:33
We are very happy to be the leaders of the Pool says Samuels Orlando

22.06.2012 17:34:00
Cuba win terrific match against Serbia

22.06.2012 13:05:25
USA drop first set but recover to roll past Italy 3-1 in Gwangju

22.06.2012 13:04:09
We lost our rhythm after making many mistakes: Italy captain

22.06.2012 10:35:35
France overcome hosts Korea in Pool C World League match

22.06.2012 10:31:46
Today's loss came from pressure of playing at home: Korea coach

21.06.2012 22:07:20
Russia coach clinging onto Finals hope

21.06.2012 18:01:29
Olympic Games making World League more interesting says Zorzi

21.06.2012 16:15:14
Portugal in search of first World League win in Guimarães

20.06.2012 20:24:07
Great expectations in Portugal

20.06.2012 16:45:05
World League Pools remain close going into third round

20.06.2012 12:01:03
Cuba and Serbia play for Pool A domination

18.06.2012 06:34:44
Poland the big winners from weekend's World League action

18.06.2012 04:37:09
We played much better today: Portugal captain

18.06.2012 04:15:00
Argentina pick up fourth win before leaving home

18.06.2012 01:55:06
Vital Heynen: I hope to get revenge next weekend

18.06.2012 01:54:54
We dominated all aspects of the game: Samuels

18.06.2012 01:29:18
Bulgaria edge Germany in five-set thriller in Pool D

18.06.2012 01:25:23
Wilfredo Leon is Cuba's ace as they down Russia 3-1

17.06.2012 23:02:43
Young players with big role for Serbia

17.06.2012 22:22:38
Serbia edge a resilient Japan in straight sets

17.06.2012 21:48:57
USA see off France

17.06.2012 21:40:15
Philippe Blain: "Mr Stanley plays at Olympic level"

17.06.2012 20:46:32
"Canada played good and wise game," says retiring Finnish captain Tuomas Sammelvuo

17.06.2012 20:25:15
Canada beat Finland to go third

17.06.2012 18:58:45
First win for Korea in France

17.06.2012 18:27:03
Kwon Young-min: « players did their best today »

17.06.2012 18:03:13
"Today we are a very happy team", says captain Mozdzonek

17.06.2012 17:44:44
Poland reach World League Finals with sensational win over Brazil

17.06.2012 10:46:37
Poland, Brazil neck-and-neck heading into Sunday's showdown

17.06.2012 04:11:45
We played a good match today: Germany captain Andrae

17.06.2012 03:53:14
Jump serves and blocking were keys to Cuba's victory: Leon

17.06.2012 03:45:08
Germany top Pool D after defeating hosts Argentina 3-0

17.06.2012 03:13:06
Cuba beat Serbia 3-0 to take lead in Pool A

17.06.2012 01:41:21
We played at a very good level: Bulgaria coach

17.06.2012 01:23:39
Russia's Mikhaylov satisfied with win over Japan

17.06.2012 01:14:23
Bulgaria recover from loss to overcome winless Portugal

17.06.2012 00:45:25
Russia bounce back to beat Japan in straight sets

16.06.2012 23:27:50
We need to win against USA: France captain

16.06.2012 23:23:18
France overcome young Italian squad 3-1 in Lyon

16.06.2012 20:36:32
Second win for USA in Lyon

16.06.2012 20:19:45
Donald Suxho:"It pushes you to play better"

16.06.2012 20:13:36
"For us it was important to see Giba back", says Bernardinho

16.06.2012 19:54:59
Giba makes comeback with a good performance

16.06.2012 17:35:49
"This was a good day for us", says captain Mozdzonek

16.06.2012 17:15:39
Poland take three points from fighting Canada

16.06.2012 07:09:34
Poland pick up eighth win in FIVB World League

16.06.2012 04:43:46
Weber not happy with Argentina's performance against Bulgaria

16.06.2012 04:32:14
Samuels not satisfied despite Cuba's victory

16.06.2012 04:16:12
Host Argentina down Bulgaria to join Germany on top of Pool D

16.06.2012 03:51:37
Cepeda and Leon lead Cuba to 3-1 win over Japan

16.06.2012 02:10:13
Young players were decisive for Serbia: Kolakovic

16.06.2012 01:44:09
We are happy we top Pool D, says Germany's Vital Heynen

16.06.2012 01:12:59
Serbia defeat Russia 3-1 with strong blocking

16.06.2012 01:09:33
Germany defeats Portugal to stay on top of Pool D

15.06.2012 21:44:34
Simone Butti:"A pleasure to play with this team."

15.06.2012 21:29:31
Our players were very focused in the match, says Anastasi

15.06.2012 21:28:00
USA clinch win over Italy

15.06.2012 21:15:10
Poland beat Finland in three sets

15.06.2012 19:09:59
Bernardinho: "Canada played much better than last weekend"

15.06.2012 18:57:44
Pierre Pujol : "Proud of my teammates."

15.06.2012 18:56:32
Canada steals a point from Brazil

15.06.2012 18:18:25
France come from set down to beat Korea

15.06.2012 01:05:11
Cuba’s Samuels hopes for support from local fans

14.06.2012 21:48:15
Brazil and Poland ready to battle for place in World League Finals

14.06.2012 14:50:04
Pool D coaches aim for improvement

13.06.2012 18:18:47
Lyon ready for World League action

13.06.2012 16:52:24
Pool B set to conclude as World League returns for bumper weekend

12.06.2012 20:59:28
Argentina ready for Pool D action

12.06.2012 16:39:11
Pool B set to reach boiling point in Finland

10.06.2012 21:02:59
Pool B reshuffled following Brazil and Finland victories

10.06.2012 20:03:21
Sammelvuo: “We play each match against Canada as if it was a final”

10.06.2012 19:36:49
Finland defeat Canada to leapfrog them in Pool B

10.06.2012 17:55:38
Murilo: “We played in Brazil looking for nine points and we made it”

10.06.2012 17:12:37
Brazil down Poland to take lead in Pool B

09.06.2012 20:58:56
Poland remain top but Brazil stay close in Pool B of World League

09.06.2012 20:10:58
Andrea Anastasi: “The team had focus and attitude to keep playing and fight for the win”

09.06.2012 19:38:01
Poland come from behind to beat Finland in Sao Bernardo

09.06.2012 17:11:22
Bernardo Rezende: “From the second set on, we played very well”

09.06.2012 16:25:36
Hosts Brazil down Canada in Sao Bernardo

08.06.2012 19:53:42
Poland and Brazil seal easy wins as third weekend of Pool B begins

08.06.2012 19:37:22
Winters: “They showed us how to play at a good level”

08.06.2012 19:05:54
Poland defeats Canada to stay top of Pool B

08.06.2012 17:07:23
Murilo: “It was an important win and we are looking forward to other two this week”

08.06.2012 16:27:46
Brazil sweep past Finland to win first home match

06.06.2012 17:37:30
WL - Brazil and Poland clash highlight round three of Pool B

03.06.2012 23:54:10
Rezende: Everything happens for a reason, we have to understand those reasons.

03.06.2012 23:18:49
Poland make it three from three in Katowice

03.06.2012 23:16:09
Poland make it three from three while Finland seal epic win

03.06.2012 20:30:47
Winters: These two teams are on the same level

03.06.2012 20:12:54
Finland earn victory after thrilling five-setter against Canada

02.06.2012 23:16:05
Poland and Brazil keep control as Pool B gap widens

02.06.2012 22:30:43
Rezende: This team has a lot in perspective for the future, they keep developing.

02.06.2012 22:17:16
Brazil too strong for Canada in Katowice

02.06.2012 19:47:56
Mozdzonek: We don't have to play every ball only with power.

02.06.2012 19:19:15
Poland gain revenge over Finland

01.06.2012 22:24:50
Brazil back to their best while Poland excite home fans

01.06.2012 21:52:47
Castellani: They understood where our problem was and they used it

01.06.2012 21:29:56
Brazil prove they are back in the game with a 3-0 victory over Finland

01.06.2012 19:54:34
Mozdzonek: Today our block was merciless

01.06.2012 19:26:58
Poland open weekend with straight-sets win

31.05.2012 17:51:19
Poland ready to host World League Pool B in Katowice

31.05.2012 17:41:38
Castellani: In this pool the teams are having two different goals

30.05.2012 11:14:59
Poland hoping to consolidate lead in front of home fans as Pool B returns

29.05.2012 17:54:31
Murilo to return for Brazil

27.05.2012 18:37:16
Germany remain top despite loss as Pool D action concludes in Frankfurt

27.05.2012 18:17:33
Bulgaria captain Vladimir Nikolov: “We wanted to give this victory to our fans”

27.05.2012 17:32:15
Germany suffer first defeat at hands of Bulgaria

27.05.2012 14:33:14
Argentina coach Javier Weber: "We were very tired"

27.05.2012 13:45:09
Argentina bounce back with win

26.05.2012 23:07:23
Germany only unbeaten Pool D team after Argentina win

26.05.2012 22:30:42
Javier Weber: Congratulations to Germany and their coach

26.05.2012 21:48:52
Germany take the lead in Pool D

26.05.2012 19:54:34
Flavio Gulinelli: “We lost completely the line of the match”

26.05.2012 18:34:28
Bulgaria celebrate first victory of campaign

25.05.2012 22:45:52
Germany and Argentina on top as World League enters second weekend

25.05.2012 22:24:46
Vital Heynen, German Coach: “Good start for the tournament”

25.05.2012 21:44:05
Germany thrill home fans with simple win

25.05.2012 19:14:18
Javier Weber, Argentina coach: “We won the match because of our fantastic attack."

25.05.2012 18:37:33
Argentina conquer Bulgaria in first Pool D match

24.05.2012 18:21:13
World League Pool D: Four coaches, three different aims

23.05.2012 15:20:22
Pool D set to begin as World League moves into second weekend

22.05.2012 15:45:07
Slight change to Pool B schedule in Poland

21.05.2012 05:21:50
Poland gave us a volleyball lesson tonight: Canadian coach

21.05.2012 05:05:32
Italy only unbeaten team after first week of World League

21.05.2012 05:01:58
Poland too strong for Canada in World League

21.05.2012 01:24:30
We started to play like a team: Brazil captain Bruno Rezende

21.05.2012 01:13:17
Brazil edge Finland to earn first World League win

20.05.2012 22:46:27
Savani praises home support following win over USA

20.05.2012 22:28:31
Italy pleases crowd with a straight-sets win over Olympic champions

20.05.2012 19:59:45
Pujol: "“We could win with straight-set win"

20.05.2012 19:45:12
France achieve second victory in Florence in spectacular five-set match

20.05.2012 12:02:18
Cuba's Quintana: To win against the Russian team, this means a lot.

20.05.2012 11:33:50
Cuba deals Russia blow with five-set win

20.05.2012 09:17:11
Serbia captain Bojan Janic: Our young players gave us new energy

20.05.2012 08:40:23
Serbia hands Japan second five-set loss

20.05.2012 07:44:47
Toronto sees two upsets on second day of World League

20.05.2012 04:57:17
We really needed this win, Finnish captain Sammelvuo says

20.05.2012 04:56:13
Finland shocks Poland with five-set win in World League

20.05.2012 01:34:35
We want to keep surprising people: Canada captain

20.05.2012 01:21:28
Canada upsets world No. 1 Brazil 3-2 in World League

19.05.2012 23:13:38
Mauro Berruto: "Every match my team confirm their quality."

19.05.2012 22:54:38
Italy triumphant in European derby against France

19.05.2012 20:21:01
Alan Knipe, USA coach: "I’m glad of our reaction. Many thanks to my guys."

19.05.2012 20:00:38
USA overcomes ambitious Korea in nail-biting clash

19.05.2012 12:21:07
Russia coach Busato: If Japan continues to play like today, they could qualify for London

19.05.2012 11:36:22
Russia narrowly avoid shock loss to Japan

19.05.2012 09:33:20
Defending champs seal win on opening day of 2012 World League while France spring a surprise

19.05.2012 08:37:46
Kolakovic: We were very patient today

19.05.2012 08:08:27
Serbia rebound from opening day loss with win against Cuba

19.05.2012 05:59:02
Brazil v Poland press conference

19.05.2012 05:08:39
Poland defeats Brazil in five set World League thriller

19.05.2012 00:40:51
Canada v Finland press conference

19.05.2012 00:28:24
Canada returns to World League with victory

18.05.2012 23:47:04
Mauro Berruto: "After 150 minutes and 119 points each there is nothing more to say"

18.05.2012 23:31:43
Italy pleases home crowd with win over Korea

18.05.2012 21:30:14
Knipe: Reception errors cost us

18.05.2012 20:22:22
Alekno watching Russian success from afar

18.05.2012 14:02:31
Japan captain Yamamoto: A lack of concentration in the second set hurt us

18.05.2012 13:21:50
Cuba's Leon and Hernandez trump Japan and their ace Fukuzawa

18.05.2012 11:39:43
Serbia captain Janic: We didn't start with energy

18.05.2012 10:57:43
Defending champs begin 2012 World League on high note

18.05.2012 04:22:51
Canada ready to host first World League tournament stop in five years

17.05.2012 17:20:36
Florence fans expecting Italian glory

17.05.2012 15:32:09
Brazil's coach expecting tough battle in World League Group B

17.05.2012 11:27:40
Japan look for Cuba scalp to celebrate World League return home

17.05.2012 11:08:49
France warming up for Olympic mission

16.05.2012 17:58:28
World League Media Guide online

16.05.2012 13:20:59
Countdown to 23rd edition of World League nearly over

15.05.2012 18:00:02
FIVB Heroes event held in Frankfurt

15.05.2012 16:27:40
Portuguese assistant coach cautious of new World League format

15.05.2012 11:45:00
Giba and Murilo to miss first week of World League action

09.05.2012 18:16:35
Ricardo speaks of happiness as he returns for Brazil

23.04.2012 17:15:25
Bernardinho names familiar Brazil squad for World League

19.04.2012 12:55:25
Gulinelli unveiled as Portugal coach

18.04.2012 18:12:44
Canada ready to welcome volleyball elite

18.04.2012 15:59:26
Argentina gaining momentum ahead of exciting season

04.04.2012 17:50:45
Media accreditation open for World League and World Grand Prix pool stages

02.04.2012 17:50:03
Road to Sofia begins as World League squads unveiled

16.03.2012 16:25:58
Sneak preview of World League Finals and Olympic Qualification Tournament venue

12.03.2012 17:49:17
FIVB unveils World League match times

01.03.2012 15:48:51
Santo Domingo to host World League matches

10.02.2012 12:37:18
FIVB confirms schedule for World League 2012

17.12.2011 15:14:39
World League 2012 pools and format finalized

05.08.2011 17:10:34
Bulgaria opens new hall with match against Serbia

05.07.2011 22:07:24
Sofia confirmed as host of 2012 World League Finals

29.06.2011 18:28:41
FIVB World League 2012 playoff system announced