FIVB - Women's Volleyball World Cup 2011



Pool E

No Teams Date Time City Hall
98 BUL-GER 04-Jul 20:45 Sofia Arena Armeec
100 GER-USA 05-Jul 20:45 Sofia Arena Armeec
102 USA-BUL 06-Jul 20:45 Sofia Arena Armeec

Pool F

No Teams Date Time City Hall
97 CUB-BRA 04-Jul 17:30 Sofia Arena Armeec
99 BRA-POL 05-Jul 17:30 Sofia Arena Armeec
101 POL-CUB 06-Jul 17:30 Sofia Arena Armeec


No Teams Date Time City Hall
103 POL vs BUL 07-Jul 20:45 Sofia Arena Armeec
104 USA vs CUB 07-Jul 17:30 Sofia Arena Armeec

Note :  Time indicated is the start of the International Feed.


No Teams Date Time City Hall
105 CUB vs BUL 08-Jul 17:30 Sofia Arena Armeec
106 POL vs USA 08-Jul 20:45 Sofia Arena Armeec

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09.07.2012 12:54:58
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08.07.2012 23:13:53
Poland beat USA to claim first World League title

08.07.2012 22:51:26
Poland madly happy, USA continues to build on...

08.07.2012 22:43:49
Poland wins historical gold at the 2012 World League

08.07.2012 19:53:50
Great team spirit from both sides

08.07.2012 19:14:46
Cuba with the bronze, tears for Bulgaria

07.07.2012 23:12:43
Poland is still the favorite - Zorzi

07.07.2012 22:45:49
Poland and USA meet in World League final for first time

07.07.2012 22:27:12
Poland writes history as they make it to first ever World League final

07.07.2012 22:19:07
Poland advance to final after 3-0 win over Bulgaria

07.07.2012 19:30:26
USA win NORCECA derby

07.07.2012 19:23:28
USA hoping to repeat 2008 after reaching World League Finals

06.07.2012 23:02:11
Poland looking the best - Zorzi