Pool B kicked off in Toronto and it proved to be
a tight group in the first week, thanks in part
to Canada’s spectacular 3-2 win over Brazil and
Finland’s 3-2 victory over Poland on the second
day. The Canadians had beaten Finland 3-0 on the
first day, out-blocking, out-serving and outscoring
the Finns and receiving good performances from
Gavin Schmitt (19 points), Frederic Winters (16
points) and John Gordon Perrin (14 points). The
Poles won a tough five-setter over Brazil on the
first day despite a match-leading 26 points from
Wallace de Souza and seven blocks from Lucas
Saatkamp. Poland topped the group, edging
out Canada and Brazil by a point. Poland and
Canada finished the week with 2-1 records, while
Brazil and Finland ended 1-2. De Souza grabbed
another 26 points as Brazil picked up their first
win on day three, beating Finland in four sets
with the help of 17 blocking points and 11 service
points. Poland overcame Canada 3-1 in the final
match at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto.
Canada captain Fred Winters was more than
pleased with their victory over Brazil, only their
fourth ever and first since 1999 against the world
No. 1. “In my nine years with the national team,
I had never beaten Brazil’s A team before,” he
said. “It was a great treat for the fans and the TV
audience and I’m glad they got to see the hard
work the players and staff put into this. Hopefully,
we can keep surprising a lot of people and have
more success.”
MAY 18-20
Brazil, Poland
suffer shock
defeats in
Pool B started in Toronto with a 33-31 first set
between Canada and Finland – the Intercontinental
Round’s second-highest set score
Finland’s only win in
Toronto was an upset
over Poland that took
over two hours and
points to finish
Captain Frederic Winters was
the only Canadian to break
into the top ten best receivers
of the Intercontinental Round
Brazil’s Sérgio Dutra Santos was the
Intercontinental Round’s third-best libero