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  2008 World League
 FIN / Finland - Team Composition
Team manager LAURILA Jaana
Head coach BERRUTO Mauro
Assistant coach BROGIONI Andrea
Doctor NYLANDER Tiina
Therapist / trainer JUNTTANEN Ville
Journalist FLINK Toni
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
L 1 Jarmo Kaaretkoski Kaaretkoski 12.12.1982 186 80 316 294 Santasport (FIN)
2   Joni Markkula Markkula 10.02.1983 192 84 330 311 Vammalan Lentopallo (FIN)
C 3 Mikko Esko Esko 03.09.1978 198 89 331 319 Vammalan Lentopallo (FIN)
4   Olli-Pekka Ojansivu Ojansivu 31.12.1987 197 90 344 325 Savo Volley
5 Antti Siltala Siltala 14.03.1984 193 90 348 330 SavoVolley (FIN)
6   Henri Rajala Rajala 26.09.1988 191 81 340 318 Raision Loimu (FIN)
7 Matti Hietanen Hietanen 03.01.1983 199 93 350 320 Gdansk (POL)
8   Simo-Pekka Olli Olli 13.11.1985 204 100 343 330 Raision Loimu (FIN)
9 Kalle Määttä Määttä 04.10.1984 191 78 328 310 Team Lakkapää (FIN)
10   Toni Kankaanpää Kankaanpää 18.03.1984 194 89 345 318 Korson Veto (FIN)
11 Henri Tuomi Tuomi 14.12.1982 196 93 345 320 Raision Loimu (FIN)
12   Olli Kunnari Kunnari 02.02.1982 197 85 342 315 Vammalan Lentopallo (FIN)
13 Mikko Oivanen Oivanen Mi 26.05.1986 198 92 360 320 Czarni Radom (POL)
14   Konstantin Shumov Shumov 15.02.1985 205 98 351 331 Treia (ITA)
15 Matti Oivanen Oivanen Ma 26.05.1986 198 90 355 320 Hurrikaani-Loimaa (FIN)
16   Urpo Sivula Sivula 15.03.1988 195 100 350 330 VaLePa Sastamala Tampere
17 Tuukka Anttila Anttila 13.01.1980 204 95 355 335 Salon Piivolley (FIN)
18   Jukka Lehtonen Lehtonen 22.02.1982 197 90 346 325 LEKA Volley (FIN)
L 19 Pasi Hyvärinen Hyvärinen 22.11.1987 184 80 320 300 KyKy-Betset (FIN)
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile

The National Volleyball Team of Finland achieved the biggest success in Finnish Volleyball history when taking fourth place in the European Championships in Moscow in September 2007.

Before that the best achievement of the team was a seventh-place finish in 1983.

Finland has participated 12 times in the final round of the Men's European Championships and finished four times among the 10 best teams.

The Finnish team has taken part in the World Championships six times. Last time was in 1982 when Finland finished in 17th place.

Head Coach of the team is top Italian coach Mauro Berruto, who started training the Finnish team 2005 and has developed the young group into one of the best teams in Europe.

Many of  the players in the National Team have moved abroad to play professionally in different European Leagues.

Setters Mikko Esko and Simo-Pekka Olli play for the Italian A1 League team Padova. Esko has also played in Maaseik, Belgium and before that in Germany (Unterhaching). Olli has also played in Bergamo, Italy.

Other Finnish players abroad are Konstantin Shumov (Taranto, Italy), Matti Hietanen (Mantova, Italy), Olli Kunnari (Cannes, France), Antti Siltala (Maaseik, Belgium), Mikko Oivanen (Belediyesi, Turkey), Tuukka Anttila (Mors, Germany) and Toni Kankaanpaa (Tarto, Estonia). Other players in the National Team come from Finnish League clubs.

Their final placing in the European Championships are fourth in 2007 and then 1997 (11th), 1993 (9th), 1991 (8th), 1983 (7th), 1981 (9th), 1977 (11th), 1971 (13th), 1967 (17th), 1963 (14th), 1958 (14th), 1955 (11th).

Finland are also six-time participants in the World Championships and finished 17th in 1982, 17th in 1978, 20th in 1970, 19th in 1966, 18th in 1962 and 11th in 1952.

In three appearances in the World League they have finished seventh in 2007, 10th in 2006 and 12th in 1993.

Finland also claimed second in the European League Final 2005, played in Kazan, Russia.


Mauro Berruto has been a professional Volleyball coach since 1990 and has worked for National Teams, top Club sides in Europe and at the big sports events such as the Olympics, World Championships, World League and European Championships.

He has recently been coaching Panathinaikos Athens in Greek League First Division, leading them to victory in the Greece Cup.

In 2007 as coach of the Finnish Men's National Team, his charges finished seventh in the World League, fourth at the European Championsips in Moscow in September 2007. This stellar showing earned him a nomination as best coach for 2007 in Finland from the Finnish Sports Journalists' Association.

Before a spell in the winter of 2006 as assistant coach to Giampaolo Montali in the Italian Men's National Team, during which the Italians finished fifth at the 2006 FIVB World Championships in Japan, Berruto was on duty as Finnish Men's National Team Head Coach for the first time in the summer of 2005 and 2006, the year in which he led them to 10th in the World League.

Barruto has had a successful career on the Italian Volleyball Club circuit. He has been Head Coach of most recently Giotto Padova in the Italian League Serie A1 and before that Lube Banca Marche Macerata, where he won the CEV Cup, UniMade Parma and Copra Ventaglio Piacenza.

He also has spells in between as assistant coach to Montali with Italy during major events and in 1999 with the Greek Men's National Team.