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  2008 World League
 ESP / Spain - Team Composition
Team manager ALONSO, Juan
Head coach MENDEZ, Marcelo
Assistant coach ÁLVAREZ, Tomás
Doctor TURMO, Antonio
Therapist / trainer DÍAZ, David
Journalist RIVAS, Alberto
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Guillermo Falasca Fernandez G. Falasca 24.10.1977 200 107 350 325 Ankara (TUR)
2   Ibán Perez Manzaneres Pérez 13.11.1983 198 90 350 325 CAI VB Teruel
3 Gustavo Delgado Escribano Delgado 21.01.1986 192 89 340 315 Narbonne (FRA)
4   Manuel Sevillano Sevillano 02.07.1981 194 92 342 319 Saint Nazaire Atlantique (FRA)
5 Francisco José Rodríguez F. Rodríguez 25.09.1980 189 88 340 315 CAI Voleibol Teruel
6   Alfonso Flores Flores 24.08.1975 189 90 340 330 Unicaja Arukasur Almería
7 Guillermo Hernán Hernán 25.07.1982 181 68 335 315 Paris Volley (FRA)
8   Alberto Salas Salas 13.09.1984 194 84 353 325 CMA Numancia Soria
L 9 Alexis Valido Valido 09.03.1976 185 93 0 0 Unicaja Almería
10   Miguel Angel Falasca Fernandez M.A. Falasca 29.04.1973 195 92 345 322 PGE Belchatow (POL)
11 Javier Subiela Subiela 22.03.1984 198 89 350 325 CAI VB Teruel
12   Daniel Ruíz Ruíz 19.08.1981 194 85 325 315 Avignon
13 Juan Carlos Barcala Barcala 25.01.1984 201 94 348 325 CV CAI Teruel (ESP)
C 14   Jose Luis Moltó Moltó 29.06.1975 206 98 355 330 Taranto
15 Luis Pedro Suela Suela 07.07.1976 195 85 343 320 Arkas Izmir
16   Julián García-Torres Gª-Torres 08.11.1980 202 91 353 330 CAI VB Teruel
17 Enrique De La Fuente De La Fuente 11.08.1975 194 94 348 328 Drac Palma C.V. Portol
18   Israel Rodríguez Calderon I. Rodríguez 27.08.1981 194 85 343 325 Tomis Constanta (ROU)
L 19 Juan Contreras Contreras 25.08.1986 176 70 335 315 Universidad de Granada
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile

Spain are a team in top form.

The short rein of Head Coach Andrea Anastasi was much to do with this. His goal when he arrived was the 2007 European Championship and he delivered when Spain won the gold medal in Moscow.

It was won in perfect fashion. Eight matches, eight victories, won by a compact team well directed by Anastasi off-court and setter Miguel Angel Falasca on-court.

Veterans such as Rafael Pascual, Guillermo Falasca, Jose Luis Molto, Jose Luis Lobato alongside youngsters such as Israel Rodriguez, Manuel Sevillano, Javier Subiela, Julian García-Torres, Iban Perez and Guillermo Hernan proved the perfect blend.

As Continental Champion, Spain qualified for the 2007 FIVB World Cup held in Japan, where the first three tickets for the Olympics Games were to be handed out.

Spain played at a good level throughout the tournament and overcame a tough start in which they lost to Bulgaria and Brazil. Coached by Argentine Marcelo Mendez, who had replaced Anastasi, Spain secured two important wins against USA and Egypt. But a surprising defeat against Puerto Rico put Spaniards out of contention for an Olympic place from the tournament.

Despite the disappointment, Spain picked up the pieces and, after losing against Russia, claimed five consecutive victories that secured fifth position, their best-ever performance.

This meant Spain made a huge jump in the FIVB world ranking – from 24th position to sixth position.

Spain have not always been so consistent. The 1990s were helped by the emergence of the charismatic Pascual as one of the world's best players. A notable result was the sixth-place finish at the 1999 FIVB World Cup.

Spain then finished ninth in their first appearance in the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000.

In 2002, Spain paid the price for their brilliant fifth-place finish in the World League during the World Championship in Argentina. After a fair first round, the Spaniard seemed to run out of fuel in the second stage and couldn't win a match.

Spain organised the World League Finals for the first time in 2003 and Madrid hosted the best Volleyball event in Spanish history. However, this success couldn't be replicated on court, with Spain losing a key match against the Czech Republic and not qualifying for the semi-finals for the first time.

Things got worse in 2004. Despite organizing an excellent Olympic Qualification Tournament in Madrid, Spain couldn't achieve the main goal of the year: to earn a ticket to Athens 2004.


Spain Head Coach Marcelo Mendez was born in Argentina in 1964. He finished his Physical Education degree in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1988. He is accredited as a National Coach for the National Federations of Argentina and Italy and also as an FIVB International Coach.

As Head Coach, he has led several clubs.  In 1986, he coached Club Daom of Argentina, 1987-1988 Club Atlético River Plate, 1988-1990 Club Sociedad Fiat Ammauto of Italy, 1990-1991 Club Sociedad Poliesportiva Jonica of Italy, 1992-2004 Club Atlético River Plate of Argentina and 2004-2007 Club Voleibol Pórtol of Spain.

He has many achievements as Head Coach. In 1997, 1999 and 2000 he was Champion of the Metropolitan League in Argentina. In 1998-1999 he was Champion of the Argentine Clubs League.

In 2002, Vice-Champion of the Metropolitan League of Argentina. In 2004-2005, Vice-Champion of the Spanish Top League (Superliga) with C.V. Pórtol.

In 2004-2005, second in the CEV Final Four with C.V. Pórtol and Champions of the King Cup.

In 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, he was Spanish League Champion with C.V. Pórtol.