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Match Descriptive

Spain beat Portugal 3-0 (25-21, 25-21, 25-16) - duration 1:18
05-Jun, start time: 17:37, end time: 18:55 - Attendance: 1'200
City: Madrid; Hall : Ruiz de Velasco
Portugal pays Spain's olympic frustration
Spain beat Portugal 3-0 in the kick-off of the two iberian teams in World League 2004. In a clash of the two squad that recently gave away the chance of being in the Olympic Games despite organizing the qualifying tournament in home ground, Spain proved to be mentaly stronger than their neighbours.

Similar near future and similar start. Spain and Portugal had a dubitative first points of the match, and the score stayed tied for most of the first set. The equaliser disapeared thanks to the setting of Miguel Angel Falasca and the spikes of Luis Pedro Suela. In the key part of the set, locals took an advantage of two points that was decisive and gave spaniards the first set (25-21).

The spanish machine seemed to be greasing up in the second period, and the squad coached by Francisco Hervas showed a good performance in blocking and serving. The attacks of Guillermo Falasca and Rafael Pascual gave locals a clear lead from the start. Portugal tried to come back through Manuel Paiva Da Silva and captain Joao Jose but Spain did not give room for surprise and put the 2-0 (25-21).

Three straigh receiving mistakes by portuguese libero Carlos Texeira meant a leading start for locals in the third set (8-3) and the confirmation of mental weakness by visiting team. The positive offensive actions were inmediatly blinded by serving errors and Spain was allowed to maintain a five points lead throughout the period. The differences grew as the set was coming to an end, and as the portuguese hopes for victory disminished. The 25-16 of the third set was the clear reflection of the anxiety for victory of spaniards. Portugal then suffered another deception, this time from an opponent team in similar conditions.