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Host Country:

This is not the first time that Japan will welcome the FIVB World Grand Prix Finals, having hosted the event in 1997 (Kobe), 2005 (Sendai), 2008 (Yokohama), 2009 (Tokyo), and 2013 (Sapporo, with this year's Finals being held once again in the city of Tokyo.

Japan are also the host of the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Champions Cup (which takes place evey four years) and have organised the 1998 and 2006 editions of the FIVB Volleyball World Championships for men and women and the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championships 2010. The county has also hosted all of the quadrennial FIVB Volleyball World Cup for both genders, with the exception of the 1965 and 1969 edition for men - held in Poland and East Germany respectively - and the 1973 edition for women, which was organised by Uraguay.

Host City: Tokyo

Tokyo has seen its fair share of the FIVB volleyballevents, having being a host city for the 2005, 2009 and 2013 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup and for the 2010 Women's World Championship. It was also the site of the FIVB World Congress in 2006.

Tokyos one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and the country's captial, with the centre of the Greater Tokoyo area the most populous metropolitan area in the world. The city hosts 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, the highest number of any city.

Venue: Ariake Collesium

Ariake Collesium an indoor sporting arena, whcih has a seating capacity of 10,000, has held matches of the FIVB World Grand Prix in the 2006-2007 season and the FIVB World League in 2008-2009. The arena is used as the crntre court for the Japan Open Tennis Championships and the Toray Pan Pacific Open held in Araike Tennis Forest Park. Itis one of the few professional tennis venues, which has a retractable rood and will host tennis events at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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