FIVB - Volleyball World Grand Prix


 CHN / China

Team manager HU Jin (also assistant coach)
Coach LANG Ping
Assistant coach LAI Yawen
2nd assistant coach LI Tieming
Doctor WEI Yongji
Physiotherapist WANG Kai
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club Sel.
  1 Na Yin Yin N. 03.02.1988 182 65 313 300 Tianjin
  2   Ting Zhu Zhu T. 29.11.1994 198 78 327 300 Henan F
  3 Yang Mi Mi Y. 24.01.1989 180 70 305 298 Tianjin
  4   Na Wang Wang N. 25.02.1990 178 63 305 295 Zhe Jiang
  5 Jingsi Shen Shen J.S. 03.05.1989 186 75 305 294 Army
  6   Junjing Yang Yang J.J. 15.05.1989 190 70 308 300 Army F
  L 7 Xian Zhang Zhang X. 16.03.1985 168 57 290 280 Guangdong Evergrande
  8   Chunlei Zeng Zeng C.L. 03.11.1989 187 67 315 315 Beijing F
  9 Yimei Wang Wang Y.M. 11.01.1988 190 87 318 305 Liaoning
  L 10   Danna Shan Shan D.N. 08.10.1991 168 60 290 285 Zhejiang
  11 Yunli Xu Xu Y.L. 02.08.1987 195 85 325 306 Fujian
  C 12   Ruoqi Hui Hui R.Q. 04.03.1991 192 78 315 305 Jiangsu Volleyball Club F
  13 Yanhan Liu Liu Y.H. 19.01.1993 188 75 315 305 Liaoning
  14   Jie Yang Yang J. 01.03.1994 194 82 312 300 Shanghai
  15 Xiaotong Liu Liu X.T. 16.02.1990 188 80 312 300 Beijing
  16   Lei Zhang Zhang L. 11.01.1985 181 71 316 310 Shanghai F
  17 Di Yao Yao D. 15.08.1992 182 65 306 298 Tianjin
  18   Ting Qiao Qiao T. 02.03.1992 189 66 315 315 Beijing
  19 Congcong Liu Liu C.C. 08.12.1990 189 65 310 302 Army
  L 20   Zhan Chen Chen Z. 11.10.1990 180 65 300 295 Jiangsu F
  21 Yunwen Ma Ma Y.W. 19.10.1986 190 76 315 307 Shanghai
  22   Dan Liu Liu D. 29.08.1989 180 65 305 295 Guangdong Evergrande
 C = Captain   L = Libero    Sel. = Players selected to play in the Finals.
Team profile

Following disappointing results in recent years, China appointed former international star and USA coach “Jenny” Lang Ping in April 2013 to lead one of women’s volleyball’s most successful countries into a new era. Immediately, Ping recruited youth to be a part of the team which is focused on building towards Rio 2106 however, as a sign on her strong standing in the game at home, many of the key members of the Chinese team at London 2012 have stayed on in the squad. Although the players have shuffled their shirt numbers, only captain Qiuyue Wei is absent from the London 2012 line up with China’s most valuable and experienced player in recent years Yimei Wang still in the squad alongside Ruoqi Hui, Junjing Yang, Yunwen Ma, Lei Zhang  and libero Xian Zhang. 

Historically China have been one of the best teams in the world having won gold medals at the 1981 World Cup, 1982 World Championships, 1984 Olympic Games, 1985 World Cup and 1986 World Championships, becoming the world's first team to be crowned the winner of the major annual tournament for five consecutive years. However, since then China’s only success has come in the way of gold at the 2003 World Cup and 2004 Olympic Games.

Since then, the road has been a bumpy one with a World Grand Prix bronze medal in 2005 and a silver medal in 2007 followed by an Olympic Games bronze medal on home soil in 2008 accompanied by some inconsistent performances.

More recently, with the world No. 5 heavily dependent on the scoring exploits of master attacker Wang, they won the Asian Champions Cup and the Asian Games in 2010 but finished 10th at the Women’s World Championship. A number of new players helped China book a place at the London 2012 Olympic Games by taking bronze at the 2011 FIVB World Cup. Last year China finished fifth at the World Grand Prix, after winning one match against Cuba in the Finals on home soil in Ningbo, and the London Olympics in 2012 after losing to Japan for the first time in 11 years at FIVB level in the quarterfinals.

China finished the China International Women’s Volleyball Tournament in May unbeaten against Cuba, Thailand and Puerto Rico before a second-string Chinese side finished sixth at the Montreux VolleyMasters in June.


Coach profile

Lang Ping played for China’s national team that won gold medals at the 1984 Olympic Games, the 1982 World Championship and the World Cup in 1981 and 1985.  She was one of China’s ‘Top Ten Athletes of the Year’ from 1981-1986 and in the selection of ‘World Top Ten Athletes of the Year’ in 1985.

In 1995, Lang became coach of China’s national team, guiding the squad to silver at the 1996 Olympics and second place at the 1998 World Championships. In 1999, Lang took a coaching position in Italy’s professional volleyball league, winning the League Championship and the ‘Coach of the Year’ award multiple times. She became coach of the US National Team in 2005, leading them to a silver medal at the 2008 Olympics and later that year became coach for a club in Turkey’s volleyball league. In 2009, Lang took over as coach of China’s Guangdong Evergrande Volleyball Club that won the league championship in 2011-12 season, and the Asian Women's Volleyball Club Championships in 2013. 

In April, 2013, Lang was appointed coach of China’s national women's volleyball team.