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  Lausanne, Switzerland, August 5, 2014 - The first decisions in this year's FIVB World Grand Prix have been made. The Czech Republic and Bulgaria, as well as Croatia and Kazakhstan, have qualified for the Group 3 Final Four on August 16 and 17 in Samokov, Bulgaria. The competition, however, is set to take another exciting turn with 30 Group 1 and 2 matches taking place in week 3.

05.08.2014 15:26:29   World Grand Prix Groups 1 and 2 in week 3 spotlight

20.09.2013 16:41:42   VolleyWorld reviews spectacular World Grand Prix
03.09.2013 17:35:47   A joyful homecoming for World Grand Prix title holders
02.09.2013 18:08:22   Lang Ping setting China on right path
02.09.2013 10:58:53   World Grand Prix FIVB Web TV highlights
01.09.2013 16:04:13   It was a tough week but good experience: USA coach Karch Kiraly
01.09.2013 15:45:18   Brazil clinch ninth World Grand Prix title with perfect record
01.09.2013 14:50:17   USA defeat Japan 3-2 for first win in World Grand Prix Finals
01.09.2013 11:30:13   The World Grand Prix is very valuable for us: Ze Roberto
01.09.2013 10:21:30   Brazil stay perfect to clinch gold in World Grand Prix Finals
01.09.2013 09:08:32   We didn't play so well but I'm happy: Serbia coach
01.09.2013 08:36:28   Serbia beat Italy 3-2 to claim World Grand Prix bronze
01.09.2013 04:48:15   Brazil two sets away from ninth World Grand Prix title
31.08.2013 18:32:55   USA players put trust in Kiraly's system to become a better team
31.08.2013 16:02:55   China, Brazil to vie for World Grand Prix title
31.08.2013 15:45:22   We can learn a lot from Japan: China coach Lang Ping
31.08.2013 14:49:55   China stay second in World Grand Prix after thrilling 3-2 win over Japan
31.08.2013 12:01:18   Zoran changed all my plans: Ze Roberto
31.08.2013 10:58:52   Brazil maintain perfect record in World Grand Prix Finals
31.08.2013 09:36:43   We thought we had won the match: USA coach
31.08.2013 09:02:03   Italy save four matchpoints before beating USA 3-2
30.08.2013 23:54:54   Brazil are constantly getting better, says Sykora
30.08.2013 23:29:41   Italy eye continued development
30.08.2013 17:56:29   Brazil and China aim for perfect Finals record
30.08.2013 14:49:27   Lang Ping leads China sweep USA for 12th straight World Grand Prix win
30.08.2013 13:48:54   Serbia cruise to three-set win over Japan in World Grand Prix Finals
30.08.2013 10:23:07   We hoped facing Brazil wouldn't be so difficult: Italy coach
30.08.2013 09:50:47   Brazil overcome Italy 3-0 to top standings in World Grand Prix Finals
30.08.2013 08:52:37   I'm happy and proud of my team: China captain
30.08.2013 08:09:21   China ends USA's three-year run as World Grand Prix champions
29.08.2013 19:42:05   Sykora: The youth of volleyball right now is changing the game
29.08.2013 16:08:23   China look for victory in 260th World Grand Prix match
29.08.2013 15:24:59   Brazil, China win two in a row at World Grand Prix Finals
29.08.2013 15:09:28   Beating Japan wasn't easy: Brazil coach Ze Roberto
29.08.2013 15:03:24   Impressive 2013 World Grand Prix TV viewership
29.08.2013 13:52:45   Brazil defeat Japan 3-0 for second win in World Grand Prix Finals
29.08.2013 12:07:00   We put on a great match for the spectators: Lang Ping
29.08.2013 11:16:30   China win World Grand Prix thriller against Italy in five sets
29.08.2013 09:22:33   Serbia coach Terzic happy with response from his team
29.08.2013 08:37:18   Serbia edge USA 3-1 to pick up first win in World Grand Prix Finals
29.08.2013 07:09:08   Video Challenge System makes successful debut at World Grand Prix Finals
28.08.2013 19:33:54   USA looks to rebound on day 2 of World Grand Prix Finals
28.08.2013 14:53:55   China, Brazil, Japan claim opening wins in World Grand Prix Finals
28.08.2013 14:42:30   Our work after the Sendai round paid off: Japan coach
28.08.2013 13:52:02   Japan overcome Italy in three sets in World Grand Prix Finals
28.08.2013 11:02:13   Brazil's block and defence were almost perfect: USA captain
28.08.2013 10:22:48   Brazil rout USA in three sets in World Grand Prix Finals
28.08.2013 09:14:32   My players did a pretty good job: China coach Lang Ping
28.08.2013 08:29:43   China beat Serbia in first match of World Grand Prix Finals
27.08.2013 15:52:06   Volleyball deja vu on day 1 of World Grand Prix Finals
27.08.2013 12:58:01   World Grand Prix Finals coaches looking forward to facing the best
27.08.2013 10:20:05   'The World Grand Prix Finals will be entertaining' – Feng Kun
26.08.2013 14:20:43   Unbeaten China under no pressure ahead of WGP Finals
26.08.2013 11:43:31   World Grand Prix Finals Preview: History on Brazil’s side
22.08.2013 16:31:26   Japan have what it takes to be No. 1 this year - Takeshita
21.08.2013 11:41:57   USA play Brazil on first day as World Grand Prix Finals schedule released
20.08.2013 15:15:31   World Grand Prix Preliminary Round: More exciting than ever
19.08.2013 15:42:53   World Grand Prix match replays
18.08.2013 17:57:08   Top six confirm place in World Grand Prix Finals
18.08.2013 16:48:28   Brazil coach Ze Roberto "Now we must focus on the final round"
18.08.2013 16:31:50   China coach Lang Ping "We can learn a lot from this"
18.08.2013 15:50:23   Brazil victory confirms 10th consecutive finals appearance
18.08.2013 15:49:59   Russia’s coach: 'It was an epic match and we fought hard until the end'
18.08.2013 15:48:03   China win against Serbia for best ever World Grand Prix start
18.08.2013 15:21:35   Battling Russia silence cheering home crowd with tie-break win over Thailand
18.08.2013 14:18:43   The Netherlands’ coach: 'Cuba improved a lot in this tournament'
18.08.2013 13:18:19   The Netherlands end bid in winning form
18.08.2013 12:59:49   Dominican Republic end best WGP run with Algeria victory
18.08.2013 12:54:41   Tofoli - “We are very happy to make to the Finals”
18.08.2013 12:32:07   Poland's coach: 'We have to prepare well for the European Championship'
18.08.2013 12:15:02   Poland finishes 100th WGP match with tiebreak win against Argentina
18.08.2013 12:13:04   Puerto Rico coach: We finally won a match in this year’s World Grand Prix
18.08.2013 12:12:58   Italy secures Finals position, ending Turkey's Grand Prix run
18.08.2013 11:50:56   Puerto Rico end WGP campaign with stunning win over Germany
18.08.2013 11:15:21   I'm proud of my team: USA captain
18.08.2013 10:44:00   Dominican Republic’s captain: 'I am happy we won, even though we can’t make the Finals'
18.08.2013 10:42:29   USA reach Finals with 3-2 victory over Bulgaria
18.08.2013 09:49:04   I thought it would be difficult to win today: Manabe
18.08.2013 07:57:01   Japan overcomes Czech Republic in tiebreak match
17.08.2013 19:22:51   Three teams confirm place in World Grand Prix Finals
17.08.2013 18:52:57   Turkey's coach: 'We played a good match'
17.08.2013 17:46:37   Kazakhstan coach Gutor: “We are all delighted with the match”
17.08.2013 17:38:36   Hosts Kazakhstan beat Cuba to capture first win
17.08.2013 17:33:52   Tofoli - "We have to work hard if we make to the final”
17.08.2013 15:43:32   China's coach: 'We should learn from experiences'
17.08.2013 15:32:17   China continue unbeaten run with win over Poland
17.08.2013 15:17:34   Dominican Republic shocks Italy with 3-2 defeat
17.08.2013 14:15:20   Germany's coach: 'It’s a great honor for us to play in this incredible atmosphere'
17.08.2013 14:01:20   Brazil's coach: 'This game for us was a life-or death situation'
17.08.2013 13:42:50   Brazil post much-needed win against the Netherlands
17.08.2013 13:27:59   Germany outclass hosts Thailand in entertaining match
17.08.2013 13:08:27   Turkey gets closer to Finals with sweep of Algeria
17.08.2013 11:50:31   Russia's coach:'We planned well before playing this match'
17.08.2013 11:31:02   Serbia captain: 'We knew it was important for us to play stronger today'
17.08.2013 11:21:05   We've got to work on our attitude: Bulgaria coach
17.08.2013 10:54:47   Russia claim six successive wins with Puerto Rico victory
17.08.2013 10:51:38   Bulgaria defeat Czech Republic in five sets in Pool M
17.08.2013 08:19:46   USA's captain: 'Every time we play them it’s a battle'
17.08.2013 07:35:49   USA in good standings after defeating Japan
16.08.2013 22:19:51   China remain undefeated as 10 teams continue battle for place in Grand Prix Finals
16.08.2013 18:48:22   Italy's captain: 'We won this game, but I think Algeria is a great team'
16.08.2013 17:52:10   Turkey's coach: 'We played with our all today'
16.08.2013 16:33:52   Netherlands' coach: 'They surprised us with their game'
16.08.2013 16:26:37   Netherlands win first World Grand Prix match against Kazakhstan
16.08.2013 16:21:29   Russia's coach: Key to success was reception and service
16.08.2013 16:19:54   Russia storm back to beat Germany in tiebreak
16.08.2013 15:29:40   China remain undefeated 3-0 win against Argentina
16.08.2013 14:38:06   Turkey keep Finals hopes alive with Dominican Republic win
16.08.2013 14:17:57   Thailand's coach: My players overcame nervousness in first set to win the match'
16.08.2013 14:14:22   This was an important win for us: Bulgaria captain Filipova
16.08.2013 13:30:16   Brazil's coach: 'This victory is very important for us'
16.08.2013 13:29:24   Bulgaria hand Japan first loss in 2013 World Grand Prix
16.08.2013 13:17:44   Thailand claim home victory over winless Puerto Rico
16.08.2013 13:11:33   Brazil charge to straight-sets win against Cuba
16.08.2013 12:41:33   Serbia records their best Grand Prix start with Poland defeat
16.08.2013 12:38:10   Italy beat Algeria for sixth win in the 2013 World Grand Prix
16.08.2013 10:52:29   Czech Republic coach: 'I'm not happy with the way my team played'
16.08.2013 10:35:24   China's coach: 'We should improve our ability of judgement'
16.08.2013 10:27:26   Serbia's coach: 'We had much room for improvement'
16.08.2013 08:25:41   USA end Czech Republic's run for Grand Prix Finals
15.08.2013 19:42:34   Russia, Germany, Puerto Rico, Thailand hope to make their marks in Pool L
15.08.2013 18:52:22   Statistical Preview - All eyes on China and Japan
15.08.2013 17:53:10   Russia and Germany in Finals battle
15.08.2013 15:18:39   Brazil coach Ze Roberto: It has been a wonderful 10 years
15.08.2013 14:30:54   Lang Ping was a phenomenal player as she is a coach - Sykora
15.08.2013 11:31:45   Japan, USA, Bulgaria, Czech Republic set to face off in Sendai
15.08.2013 04:09:24   China top bills Wuhan pool on third week
14.08.2013 20:01:57   Almaty awaits exhilarating week three action
14.08.2013 09:38:08   WGP Week Three: Dramatic showdown for five Finals tickets
12.08.2013 02:27:16   China and Japan still perfect heading into final week
12.08.2013 02:05:04   Our serve was excellent throughout - Brazil captain Fabiana
12.08.2013 00:44:29   Brazil get over surprise defeat with comfortable 3-0 win
11.08.2013 23:40:43   Marcos Kwiek "This was the best match of Pool G"
11.08.2013 23:39:19   We must do much better if we want to win big matches - Serbia coach Terzic
11.08.2013 23:37:10   USA end Serbia's unbeaten run in five-set thriller
11.08.2013 23:04:40   Dominican Republic defeat Bulgaria in breath taking match
11.08.2013 22:37:20   Makowski: 'Each lack of attention on our side caused trouble'
11.08.2013 21:49:01   Japan stay perfect with sixth straight win
11.08.2013 20:47:28   Algeria's captain: 'We didn’t function as a team'
11.08.2013 20:45:28   Netherlands scores easy win for 100th Grand Prix match
11.08.2013 20:10:12   Germany's captain: 'I'm happy to win today'
11.08.2013 19:29:01   Kazakhstan lost with grace, 3 points for Germany
11.08.2013 17:40:13   Italy coach praises team's tactics: "the girls coped with everything"
11.08.2013 17:29:50   Italy ease past Thailand in Grand Prix
11.08.2013 15:38:19   We got over-confident but fought back, says Russia coach
11.08.2013 15:08:00   Russia finish great weekend with 3-1 defeat of Cuba
11.08.2013 13:58:25   Turkey's captain: 'it was certainly a tough match'
11.08.2013 13:41:28   China remain undefeated after tiebreak win against Turkey
11.08.2013 10:31:23   Argentina's captain: Czech Republic 'played like a team'
11.08.2013 09:49:58   Czech Republic defeat Argentina for first Grand Prix victory
11.08.2013 06:18:19   Bulgaria upset Brazil on Day 5 of World Grand Prix
11.08.2013 05:10:50   We knew this match would be hard: Dominican Republic captain De La Cruz
11.08.2013 04:05:41   Dominican Republic beat Puerto Rico 3-0 in Caribbean showdown
11.08.2013 02:25:17   This was an amazing victory: Bulgaria coach Abbondanza
11.08.2013 01:14:49   Bulgaria stun Olympic champions Brazil in World Grand Prix
10.08.2013 22:41:33   Japan defeat the incentive for first Germany win against Poland
10.08.2013 22:12:03   Service key to another straight-sets USA win
10.08.2013 22:10:10   Germany claim Grand Prix first with 3-0 win against Poland
10.08.2013 22:09:54   USA snap three-match World Grand Prix losing streak against Netherlands
10.08.2013 20:09:53   Not enough to win against Japan - Oleksandr Gutor
10.08.2013 19:54:13   Slowly but surely I am finding the right pace - Sanja Malagurski
10.08.2013 19:51:22   Serbia maintain perfect record with easy 3-0 win
10.08.2013 19:41:43   Japan team stay unbeaten with win against Kazakhstan
10.08.2013 17:40:47   Experience was the key to win, says Italy coach
10.08.2013 17:21:52   Italy too good for Cuba to keep Grand Prix momentum
10.08.2013 15:30:35   It was a tough match despite the score, claim Russians
10.08.2013 15:10:52   Powerful Russia beat Thailand in straight sets
10.08.2013 12:20:53   Lang Ping: we can learn from Argentina
10.08.2013 12:07:47   China maintain superb form, rout Argentina 3-0
10.08.2013 09:36:10   Turkey pull off splendid 3-0 win over Czech Republic
10.08.2013 09:14:49   We need one good match to boost our team’s confidence, says Parisi
10.08.2013 05:44:32   China, Serbia head standings on Day 4 of World Grand Prix
10.08.2013 05:09:03   Win keeps alive our goal of reaching the Finals: Bulgaria coach
10.08.2013 03:56:26   Bulgaria cruise past Puerto Rico 3-0 in World Grand Prix
10.08.2013 02:45:51   Our slow starts could hurt us: Ze Roberto
10.08.2013 01:39:39   Brazil overcome Dominican Republic 3-1 in World Grand Prix
09.08.2013 23:02:46   Skowronska-Dolata: We were focused on this match till the last ball
09.08.2013 22:25:27   Poland sweeps Kazakhstan in quick victory at home
09.08.2013 22:07:14   USA coach: 'Algeria has not quite as much experience'
09.08.2013 22:05:00   Favourites USA easily defeat debutants Algeria
09.08.2013 20:52:09   Japan's coach: 'We still have to learn from this game'
09.08.2013 20:28:29   Despite slow start, Japan defeat Germany in five sets
09.08.2013 19:44:30   Serbia one step closer to Final tournament
09.08.2013 19:42:36   Serbia overpower Netherlands 3-0 in Grand Prix clash
09.08.2013 18:39:40   My team is always improving, says Thai coach after Cuba win
09.08.2013 18:34:09   Thailand win 3-1 to continue dominance over Cuba
09.08.2013 17:11:47   Czech Republic: 'Our side didn’t perform as well as we have planned'
09.08.2013 16:32:42   Experienced China sweep debutant Czech Republic
09.08.2013 16:31:20   My main task today was to help my team keep control over the situation - Marichev
09.08.2013 15:56:38   Russia begin week two with win over Italy
09.08.2013 15:03:03   We have to keep improving – Barbolini
09.08.2013 14:57:13   Turkey maintain unbeaten record against Argentina
09.08.2013 10:26:25   Statistical Preview - USA & Brazil look to notch up more World Grand Prix victories
09.08.2013 05:07:35   Coaches anticipate tough challenge in Puerto Rico
09.08.2013 01:05:00   Pressure on in second week of World Grand Prix - Sykora
08.08.2013 22:00:12   Serbia, USA & Algeria make special visit
08.08.2013 20:41:15   Great respect among rivals in Serbia
08.08.2013 15:35:19   Performance rather than results matters for Poland
08.08.2013 14:57:39   World Grand Prix stars in 'full bloom' in Ekaterinburg
08.08.2013 13:33:56   "It is now time for the young players," says Russian coach Yuriy Marichev
07.08.2013 23:13:03   Poland hoping to turn around fortunes in Plock
07.08.2013 14:41:33   Ekaterinburg ready to host FIVB World Grand Prix
07.08.2013 11:23:32   World Grand Prix Week 2: Five teams put undefeated records on the line
06.08.2013 16:54:44   Poland's Skowronska-Dolata - a force to reckon with
06.08.2013 10:54:55   “USA just need to play their game” – Stacy Sykora
05.08.2013 04:57:21   We need to reduce our errors: Dominican coach Kwiek
05.08.2013 00:37:05   Serbia coach says he's 'satisfied but still concerned'
04.08.2013 23:51:17   Brazil ends USA's undefeated run in FIVB World Grand Prix
04.08.2013 23:33:53   It was a good round for us: Italy coach Marco Mencarelli
04.08.2013 23:26:12   Italy beat Germany for third straight win in 2013 World Grand Prix
04.08.2013 23:16:59   Serbia prevail against a tough Puerto Rico
04.08.2013 23:13:30   De la Cruz carries Dominicans to win over Czech Republic
04.08.2013 21:46:23   Skowronska-Dolata was a true leader - Poland assistant Kosmol
04.08.2013 20:37:03   Russia forced to work hard for first victory
04.08.2013 20:25:50   Wasn’t easy to win two matches in Italy - Guillermo
04.08.2013 20:21:19   Argentina come from behind again to claim second win in Italy
04.08.2013 18:53:39   Winning against host Turkey is a good motivation for us - Kimura
04.08.2013 18:39:36   Japan beat hosts Turkey to maintain perfect start
04.08.2013 18:11:36   Brazil coach Zé Roberto: “It was an important test to our confidence”
04.08.2013 17:08:21   Brazil ends undefeated sequence of USA
04.08.2013 14:40:18   Thai coach Kiattipong: This win is good for us
04.08.2013 14:29:47   Thailand beat Algeria for first win in 2013 World Grand Prix
04.08.2013 13:47:01   China coach Lang Ping says she is planning to bring back familiar faces
04.08.2013 11:30:07   Zhu Ting lifts China to a 3-1 win over the Netherlands
04.08.2013 09:32:52   We played our best game so far, says Bulgaria coach
04.08.2013 08:15:56   Debutants Bulgaria pull off impressive straight sets win over Cuba
04.08.2013 04:16:50   Japan top standings as USA extend unbeaten run
04.08.2013 02:48:57   Puerto Rican coach: The Dominicans train more than us
04.08.2013 01:25:58   Dominican Republic block the road to Puerto Rico
03.08.2013 23:23:01   Terzic was not satisfied with his team performance
03.08.2013 22:37:03   Italy's coach: 'I have a group of players that can compete at this level'
03.08.2013 22:26:59   Powerful duo lead Serbia to second win
03.08.2013 22:23:22   Italy maintain unbeaten record against Kazakhstan
03.08.2013 20:51:38   Argentina’s coach: This is a beautiful, valuable and historic victory for us
03.08.2013 20:21:10   Argentina defeats Germany in tiebreak match
03.08.2013 19:57:59   Poland's captain: 'We expect a totally different match tomorrow'
03.08.2013 19:26:09   United States defeat Poland in straight sets
03.08.2013 18:48:55   Russia's coach: 'It was a great test for both teams'
03.08.2013 18:09:56   Turkey's captain: 'We concentrated on the game more than Thailand'
03.08.2013 17:52:02   Hosts Turkey sweep Thailand at Grand Prix
03.08.2013 17:23:05   Brazil defeats Russia to claim second victory of 2013 Grand Prix
03.08.2013 14:46:02   Masayoshi Manabe: The game against Algeria went perfectly
03.08.2013 14:33:23   Japan beat Algeria 3-0 to collect second win in World Grand Prix
03.08.2013 14:12:03   We need to improve our service-reception more: Lang Ping
03.08.2013 12:29:11   China dominate young Cuban side in straight sets
03.08.2013 11:52:54   Aggressive approach in game was key to Bulgaria's first win in WGP
03.08.2013 11:10:26   Newcomer Bulgaria earn first win in World Grand Prix
03.08.2013 05:50:35   USA make history as 2013 FIVB World Grand Prix starts
03.08.2013 04:40:53   We were surprised the way the match went: Serbia coach
03.08.2013 03:23:30   Serbia cruise to comfortable win over Dominicans
03.08.2013 03:05:38   Brazil coach Zé Roberto: We knew it was going to be a tough match
03.08.2013 03:03:58   USA overcome Russia in four sets in World Grand Prix opener
03.08.2013 01:53:26   Brazil debuts with a strong victory at home
03.08.2013 01:21:49   Serves and well organized blocking help Czech Republic
03.08.2013 00:56:33   Czech Republic enjoys winning debut
03.08.2013 00:25:13   USA's Kiraly pleased with progress in win over Russia
02.08.2013 23:36:44   United States defeat Russia in four sets
02.08.2013 22:47:44   Mencarelli happy as Italy make winning start
02.08.2013 22:26:06   Italy open with 3-0 win over Argentina
02.08.2013 20:54:14   Germany's coach: 'I believe the team play better than we did'
02.08.2013 20:34:49   Germany win despite dropping first ever set against Kazakhstan
02.08.2013 18:11:09   Japan defeat Thailand in straight sets
02.08.2013 18:06:42   Japan’s captain: 'We wanted to win and we won.'
02.08.2013 17:33:43   We came through with perseverance: Lang Ping
02.08.2013 16:08:04   China too strong for Bulgaria
02.08.2013 15:06:08   'It was an easy game' - Darnel
02.08.2013 14:53:44   Turkey sweep newcomers Algeria
02.08.2013 14:16:33   Netherlands' captain: 'From the first point we were very excited to play.'
02.08.2013 12:35:58   The Netherlands sweep Cuba in first match of Grand Prix
02.08.2013 08:59:24   Bulgaria, China, Cuba and the Netherlands ready to battle for glory in Macau
02.08.2013 04:05:28   Terzic hopes to take Serbia to the Finals in Sapporo
01.08.2013 20:44:35   Barbolini proud to be in charge of Turkey
01.08.2013 18:49:45   Statistics Preview - USA in hunt for World Grand Prix record
01.08.2013 15:57:55   Zé Roberto makes one simple wish on his birthday
01.08.2013 15:02:31   Experience and youth in service for Brazil
01.08.2013 10:39:49   USA not resting on past World Grand Prix success
31.07.2013 23:50:46   Live streaming of World Grand Prix matches
31.07.2013 18:22:04   21st World Grand Prix opens with showdown between top favourites
31.07.2013 07:11:44   Italy boost confidence in lead up to World Grand Prix
31.07.2013 06:16:30   World Grand Prix fever grips Macau as teams arrive
30.07.2013 19:52:54   Germany already in Italy ahead of World Grand Prix start



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