FIVB - Volleyball World Grand Prix


 KAZ / Kazakhstan

Team manager
Coach Gutor Oleksandr
Assistant coach Massimov Rustam
2nd assistant coach Shindov Valeriy
Doctor Topkin Grigoriy
Physiotherapist Shamuzov Malik
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 Tatyana Mudritskaya Mudritskaya 17.01.1985 195 77 310 300 Apollon Cyprus
  2   Lyudmila Issayeva Issayeva 26.09.1989 184 70 295 280 Almaty
  3 Sana Anarkulova Anarkulova 21.07.1989 188 77 300 280 Altay
  4   Lyudmila Anarbayeva Anarbayeva 12.11.1983 192 72 305 299 Zhetyssu
  5 Olga Danchenko Danchenko 28.12.1982 190 75 305 295 Zhetyssu
  6   Natalya Akilova Akilova 31.05.1993 183 62 295 275 Zhetyssu
  7 Alena Ivanova Ivanova 19.06.1989 195 78 310 300 Zhetyssu
  C 8   Korinna Ishimtseva Ishimtseva 08.02.1984 187 69 300 290 Zhetyssu
  9 Irina Lukomskaya Lukomskaya 19.03.1991 176 66 280 270 Altay
  10   Irina Kenzhebaeva Shenberger 20.02.1992 180 73 290 280 Astana
  L 11 Marina Storozhenko Storozhenko 06.06.1985 175 57 290 280 Zhetyssu
  12   Yekaterina Zhdanova Zhdanova 28.05.1992 183 65 280 270 Zhetyssu
  13 Yana Yagodina Yagodina 24.01.1993 182 69 300 285 Almaty
  14   Alessya Safronova Safronova 10.02.1986 192 70 290 280 Altay
  15 Anastassiya Rostovchshikova Rostovchshikova 17.04.1994 180 64 280 260 Kostanay
  16   Inna Matveyeva Matveyeva 12.10.1978 186 70 303 294 Altay
  17 Yekaterina Razorenkova Razorenkova 03.06.1993 185 69 283 280 Almaty
  18   Yelena Gordeyeva Gordeyeva 23.11.1988 178 72 280 275 Almaty
  19 Zarina Sitkazinova Sitkazinova 20.03.1993 182 70 295 280 Astana
  20   Tatyana Fendrikova Fendrikova 23.02.1990 169 55 280 275 Almaty
 C = Captain   L = Libero
Team profile

Kazakhstan has a strong tradition of women’s volleyball, with many Kazakh players playing on the USSR teams that won Olympic or world titles. After Kazakhstan gained independence, a newly formed national team began to represent the country in AVC and FIVB competitions.

In 2005, Kazakhstan qualified for the 2006 World Championships and won the silver medal at the 13th Asian Women’s Championship.

In 2007, the team appeared for the first time in the FIVB World Grand Prix and finished 10th, beating the Dominican Republic and came close to doing the same to Russia in an epic five-set match. They were somewhat unlucky in the Asian Continental final, losing to Korea, and failed to qualify for the 2007 World Cup.

However, the team took part in the 2008 World Grand Prix, where they claimed the fourth and final place at the Olympic Qualification Tournament in Japan in May 2008, securing an opportunity to compete in the Beijing Games with two last-gasp victories.

In 2009, after successfully taking part in qualification tournaments, Kazakhstan won the right to participate in the 2010 World Championship but failed to reach the second round.

In 2010 Kazakhstan team won bronze medals at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou and one year later took part in the FIVB World Grand Prix for the third time.

The Kazakh team, ranked 30th in the world, got their chance to participate in the 2013 World Grand Prix having won third place at the Asian Women's Cup Volleyball Championship in 2012.

Despite some key changes to their squad from their last World Grand Prix appearance in 2011, important members such as captain Korinna Ishimtseva, libero Marina Storozhenko and wing spiker Irina Shenberger are included.

Coach profile

Oleksandr Gutor was born in Ukraine in 1957 and started his volleyball career at the age of 11 when he played for Ukraine’s Junior team. In 1973 he started playing for the Lokomotiv Club in Kiev. He also spent seven seasons with the Ukrainian Men’s National Volleyball Team and was ranked among the top 25 players in the USSR.

Gutor has extensive international experience coaching volleyball. He has coached the Ukrainian Junior National Volleyball team for 10 years, preparing over 25 players to move on to professional teams during this time. Gutor also led the USSR Junior National Volleyball Team for three seasons, and was the head coach for the Petrochema Men’s Volleyball Team in Slovakia’s Elite Professional League. He has also coached elite teams in Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.

Gutor began his stint as coach of the Ukrainian Women’s Volleyball National team in 2006. The Ukrainian team advanced to its first European qualifier, before losing the playoff and a chance to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games. In 2003, Gutor spent a season as a volunteer assistant coach for the Penn State men’s varsity volleyball team.

Gutor spent two years with the Texas Advantage Volleyball Club, in Dallas where he served as the head volleyball coach for the club’s junior and women’s teams. He led the club to a bronze medal at the 2002 women’s USA National Championship.

Gutor has coached Kazakhstan national women’s team since 2012 taking them to bronze in the AVC Cup and a chance to play in 2013 World Grand Prix.