Thursday, 6 May 2021
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Radecka: "We did what we could”

Poland coach Alojzy Swiderek (left) and host team captain Milena Sadurek leave for Zielona Gora on Monday for the next weekend of World Grand Prix action

Poland captain, Milena Radecka: “We lost, but I hope that fans enjoyed our play. We did what we could. Some people expected that Italy would destroy us, because many of our players don’t have such experience as Italy does. But we tried to fight and sometimes it worked.”

Poland coach, Alojzy Swiderek: "Congratulations to the Italian team and good luck for the next tournaments. I don’t blame my players that they lost first set, but I expected that they would win the third set. But probably the key factor was the Italians experience. It was our first serious tournament this season and we did what we could. Now we go to Zielona Gora for the next tournament. I will take the same team, because the others are not ready yet.”

Italy captain, Martina Guiggi: “I’m really happy after today’s victory. Especially because we were able to win, when the game was equal. That was the key factor for our win. Thanks a lot for Polish hospitality. It’s always very nice coming here.”

Italy coach, Massimo Barbolini: “I’m very happy, that we collected 9 points and we made three important steps to the Final Round in Macau. Today after the second set, when I saw that we are not enough good in reception, I told my players to concentrate on defense and blocking. Having these two elements at high level, we could also win the game. And they did it. For the next tournaments I will replace at least two players, which are now preparing in Rome.”


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