Friday, 7 May 2021
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Players should be proud of themselves: Selinger

Netherlands coach Avital Selinger:

I think it was a very exciting match to watch. Both teams really played great defense and gave it their all. I'm very happy with the way my team sustained the Japanese team's intensity and could at times match it in terms of defense, orientation and speed. I'm very, very satisfied with the fact that we played with a young setter against a sophisticated type of attack and volleyball, and to be able to sustain it was a very good experience. I'm disappointed we didn't reach the finals of the Grand Prix, but to end our part of the Grand Prix in such a manner, the players should be proud of themselves. We'll go back home to work harder to improve ourselves for the future.

(Re. World Championship) We will have to improve significantly. We have two months to work hard to get ready.

(Re. finishing position in Grand Prix) Well, I think the teams that finished in the first six plus China deserve to be in the finals. Obviously the draw of the pools was not the same, so you don't have equal opponents. We had to play five matches against the top teams of the world. We played the Dominican Republic twice, who beat China and Italy, so it's difficult to compare. As of right now with the way we played, seventh place is realistic for our team. We didn't play consistently enough, so you cannot expect to be in the top five in the world.

Netherlands captain Manon Flier:

It was a great way to end this Grand Prix for us. It was a hard tournament and overall I think we did a great job, and to finish like this we can be really satisfied. It was a nice match, but not all the time. I'm proud of the way my team played with a lot of fighting spirit, and I'm satisfied with the result.

Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe:

We lost in full sets and we were weak in serve-receive. We made many errors. We lost many points.

(Re. Japan's starting lineup today and yesterday) I did it because we had many matches and it was a challenge to decide who to use in the match.

(Re. many deuces) Need to think about serve because when we miss serves, we lose. Need to think about that and improve.

(Re. Ebata) Ebata, Sakota and Yoshizawa are three good players and Ebata was the most in-form.

(Re defense) Need to improve serve-receiving and spike receiving. When Takeshita and Sano are in it's stable, but Kimura and Yamaguchi also have to do good defense. If they don't, it puts us in a bad situation. As a team and staff, analyze other teams to check their blocks and work on that.

Japan captain Erika Araki

There were many mistakes in this match, so it was hard for us, and I made many mistakes today. In the finals, we will have some tough game, so we have to get better and try to win no matter who we play.

Japan No. 12 Saori Kimura:

I made lots of mistakes and receiving errors. In China in the finals, the others teams' serving will be much better so I need to improve.

Japan No. 3 Yoshie Takeshita:

We made many errors and in the finals it would result in losing. So we have to try and get rid of these errors.

(Re. younger players) It's difficult when members are changed but it's important that players compete for their positions. A lot of young players have been a good influence on the team.


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