Friday, 7 May 2021
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Our reception let us down: Manabe

 Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe:

Our first set was not good because of poor reception and their good serve, but we won, so I'm happy. But our reception was not good.

(Re. 159-cm setter Takeshita's two blocks) It's normal.

(Re. Yamaguchi's position)

Yamaguchi has least mistakes on the team and has a good combination with Inoue. I expect them to get even better.

Japan captain Erika Araki:

In the first set, we didn't have good rhythm, but it was different in the second and third sets and the subs did very well.

Japan No. 5 Ai Yamamoto:

In the first set we didn't do well, but we used all the members of the squad to try and change the feeling. We won the second set and that was good.

Japan No. 8 Chie Yoshizawa:

Didn't do well in the first two sets, but won 3-0, so it was OK.

(Re. disbanding of Takefuji team)

After Takefuji was disbanded, I was confused and wondered whether or not to continue playing. In the end I went to play in Spain and Mr. Manabe asked me to join the Japan team, which is a great honor. Sometimes, I think it's like a miracle.

Chinese Taipei coach Norimasa Sakakuchi:

We served well in the first set and were able to slow Japan down, and we created good patterns that we could attack from. I think our players have become more powerful than before, but our reception is still poor. Japan is not the strongest of teams, but they don't lose games.

For us, we want to be strong in Asia.

Chinese Taipei captain Teng Yen Min:

The first set was good, but the second and third showed that we are a young team and not so experienced. We made too many mistakes.


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