Friday, 7 May 2021
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We played strange: Matlak

Poland coach Jerzy Matlak: "Today, we played strange. In one set we were losing 20-12 and suddenly we used our substitutes and things went dramatically different. We almost won it with our substitutes, but that is good because now we have a good team and it's good for our main goal, which is the finals."

"I'm convinced we will play better in the World Championships. We have many good substitutes who can play well and this team hasn't been playing together for so long, so I'm sure we will improve and play even better."

Poland captain Katarzyne Skowronska-Dolata: "The game wasn't so perfect but we are really happy that we could win the game and take three points, which are really important for us because our goal is to go to the finals in China. We had many problems on the court today, but we were able to be successful and I'm happy that everybody could play as a team."

Poland No. 12 Milena Sadurek: "I'm happy we won this game. It was not an easy game for us, but we are happy because it's a very important step towards the finals of the Grand Prix."

"We had good serving and we played together as a team. When we were in difficult situations on court, we tried to serve really good and block to make things difficult for the Germans."

Germany coach Giovanni Guidetti: "I'm very disappointed today because it's the first time that we play alone. Poland played very good in Poland, but today they did nothing. And we lost everything possible on our court. I'm disappointed in my team; it's a step backward in our volleyball."

(Did the decision to replace setter Kathleen Weiss with Denise Hanke in the second set make a difference?)

"Probably, yes. We were leading very easy, so we wanted to try to use our substitutes and we think we can finish easily. Then they started to make receptions and in attack, and when Weiss came back in we played worse than before."

Germany captain Margareta Kozuch: "Today, we're really sad to play a match like this. We started well in the first set and the second set. The second set we started well, but we didn't finish it off. In the end, we couldn't change the match. Now I'm looking forward to our matches next week to find our rhythm."


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