Friday, 7 May 2021
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We need to play better against Japan: Jerzy

Poland coach Matlak Jerzy - "We won 3-0 but we were playing our first game after our trip to Asia, so we had some problems with acclimatisation. The other thing is we know our next game is against Japan, so we would like to play better, otherwise, as with Chinese-Taipei, it could be difficult. But we must improve and hope things will be much better in the next game"

Poland captain Katarzyna Skowronska-Dolata - "We're happy we won today; it was really important for us. The game was pretty easy, but we still made too many mistakes, so I hope we play better against Japan. We need to concentrate for tomorrow night."

"It's always complicated to play against Japan because their defense is excellent and we need to play well in all parts of our game. But in the beginning, our service will be important to try and make their passing worse so they cannot play as fast as usual."

Poland No. 11 Anna Baranska - "We're happy to win and tomorrow we will play Japan, so I hope we can win against Japan as well."

(Re. spiking ability)

"One point I should make is that if I'm playing well it's because the setter is playing well. I hope I can play even better in the next game."

Chinese Taipei coach Norimasa Sakakuchi - "I think our players were a bit nervous because they don't have enough experience. They couldn't do anything they had practised for this game. I'm always telling them to perform to 80 percent of their ability, but they couldn't do anything today."

Chinese Taipei captain Yen Ming Teng - "Poland were very strong and we were happy to have a match with them. But we made too many errors, so we just have to try to get better."

Chinese-Taipei No. 6 Pei Ling Yen - "I made many misses today so I will try to make fewer errors in the next match. We want to try to play faster."


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